Senatus of Kong BD Banned?




If indeed it was Milan,I fear he might just have irreversibly damaged his credibility as a BattleDawn player. We need to ask questions. Has it happened unnoticed before? Has Milan cheated his way into his famous ways? Some proof of innocence must be provided by Milan because its serious disdain for this game if one of our best players ever uses (or has used) multis.


[2:33:46 AM] Alfie ♔: you know whats even more fucked up than milan cheating? so many people being nice to carter. zealot wtf were you thinking



Even if it’s not actually Milan, it’s somebody with 34/34 who got themselves perm banned which in itself is hilarious


How many times to we have to tell people his name was James!


PSI no longer the most hated…

Milan always taking all the no1 spots huh


Watch out you never know, he’s always trying to set records :stuck_out_tongue:


How do you know it was a permanent ban?


Orange smoke = temp ban

Red smoke = perm ban


To be fair, we usually do Perm bans and wait for appeals to get full story. Temp bans are really only when it’s extremely black and white (such as banning for inappropriate behavior or flaming). Temp bans are essentially a set number we decide on off the bat.


5 multies seems like a good enough reason to me xD


There wont be a full story, seems pretty done to me

if you think the community is in shambles now, overturn this ban and watch the magic happen lol


As devil’s advocate I almost want to see it happen just to see the chaos that will unfold.


It’s not like everyone knew beforehand or anything…

Senatus Jr is better :slight_smile:


To be honest, so do I


to a certain extent… me too :smiley:


Just think sasuke… without Senatus your BoaT would look even prettier


Never said anything bout overturning or anything. Even I don’t know all the details to this ban and if it is truly Milan yet. Someone just mentioned it was a perm ban and not a temp (and so i clarified).


Let’s all go compliment Tom for doing a good job so he strengthens his will XD


tfw people like the admins now