Senatus of Kong BD Banned?


Mars 2, some crazy stuff went down, Alliance by the name of I got completely banned.

At the same exact time, Milan on e5 gets banned.




I blame the Illumanti

(This is going to be HISTORIC levels of salt, I can’t wait)


Theos explination was account sharing.

Milan might have been account sharing


Its amazing how he can lie so easily about stuff too. Nearly fooled us all.


@Senatus really? why?


Milan joining the club with zain and nopy nice.


Don’t forget Sas LOL



ye plus that isn’t milan right?

he isn’t green in hof

unless im missing something


If you hide medals you don’t show up green in HoF


Milan is banned bud lol


So much for the “God of battledawn”


so how do you it is in fact milan?


Why do I suspect the player in question was Milan? In-game patterns, diplomacy strategies, the language and wordage, 34 achievements and claiming to be a player we’ve never heard of. Using similar strategies for when he last won BOAT incognito. Fake skype/discord.

The M2 bans coinciding directly with the bans on the colonies Milan claimed to be his on other worlds screams more than just coincidence.


it’s reprehensible :frowning:


you misspelled hilarious



Lmao i laughed way too hard at this ;(


Bruh it says Senatus of Kong not Senatus Jr wow


Let us wait on Milan’s statement.


You mean James, right? Milan goes through a lot of name changes all the time… maybe he’ll switch gender for his next boat