Selling Legendaries and Mythicals

I completely understand how trading items between players wouldn’t work. Why not make it so you can sell your legendaries and mythical items for tokens? this would allow you to rid yourself of some times you’re not using and giving you a chance to use those tokens for items that might be useful to you.

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still doesn’t work… alt account takes about an hour to get 1 prem pack… gets good item and puts it on the shop for 10 tokens… main account buys it immediatly and boom free L-M

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No trading allowed in other words.

@casualdude post it buddy…

Wouldn’t this work if it was not player selling to player, and instead player selling to computer?

Not everything related is trading.


he did not say anything about “to a player” @The_Yo_Yo_Man @Fyrestare @JamAnime12
please read slower to understand what he is saying. thank you :smiley:


I like this idea, I have a couple of myths I been wanting to get rid of.


EXACTLY thats why i would use this.

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My bad… Hmm… I kind think you be getting cheated. Kind of like going to a pawn shop. That is what it be like.

For instance: Say you have a Full Myth Archimond. You stopped using it a long time ago. The shop, or devs, probably give you 100 to less tokens.

Fair point, what would be the correct amount you think?

thats EXACTLY the situation im in :smiley:

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Hmm… Well, for a Full Divine maybe 600, a Full Myth 500, and a full legendary 360 or a Premium pack.

Not OP, but here’s my $0.02:

I’d say 24+1 token per level of a legendary, and 48+2 Tokens per level for a mythical item
(Mythical level one would be 50 tokens, and Legendary level one would be 25 tokens)
It’s low, but still somewhat reasonable

It took a lot of effort to up to Myth…

per 1 if non L-M if L-m per 2 would maybe make better

Yes, which is why a Max Myth would be worth almost two premium boxes. It’s a bit low, but still gives us a reasonable price

Hmm… It should actually cost more… If you math it out, it should actually should be over 1000 tokens or more… Yet, trading a fully myth for 2 premium boxes, no…

It’s still not outright train robbery.

Oh sht my bad lmao then its aight

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It cost almost 5 million to fully myth/divine almost any Item. That is like wasting away 1000 tokens for 1.5million gold 3 times.

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