Selling and trading items


Hi im DDARK515K and this it my 3rd post on this website i think that players should be able to sell items for tokens and coins and that players can trade with each other cause I think it is a good idea
and please add it in


like commen, rare and epic can be sold for coins and ledgendery and mythicle can be sold for tokens but have the mythicles sell for alot of tokens


What the heck!

Isn’t this enough for you? Please read all these trade topics and then post


But selling items would be a good idea


Yes it is a good idea but it’s NEVER going to happen


but its just SO good to be able to sell items


Nope just stop please


Dude check older topics , this has been suggested for 4 years , NEVER WILL BE IMPLOMENTED.

people can create alt accs and transfer the good items to their main smh


Man this kinda of topic is so old just stop it !


Well, I think there is one difference between his idea and those other topics.
The other topics are mostly about trading between players.
His suggestion is simply to sell items to get coins and tokens.

So it is not about trading between people but simply selling the item back to the server = deleting it to gain money or tokens.
That option would be helpful for people to free their inventory of unneeded items in case they miss funds or items to upgrade anymore like being stuck with KITS or maxed out items already.

The only change I would suggest is that tokens would only available for selling myths.
Like many coins + 10-20 tokens for myths.

Otherwise there would never be a chance for TS to consider it if the players would get many tokens.
Though I do know that TS would most likely ignore it anyway I would like an option for players to free inventory in case they cannot fuse anymore.


I think it is a good idea. It could also be great changing an item for another item. Between members of the clan or even a global market for changing them


yes see there are lots of different ways of doing it or stuff like it


Hey, I got a nice Idea! What do you say if there was an option to trade items between players? that would be cool!


gyus…not again!!!
is this the 36 millionth topic on this???
please read back topics too before you come up with some earth shaking new idea…


-__- ’


really a troll face ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?




It wont happen so stop saying this,It’s really annoying to see this kind of topic…again




trading=alt account feast