Self destruction weapon idea for 2v2 battles


Hello every one ,

How about a self destruction device ? in which the mech suicide to make damage to near by Enemy?

This would be fun in 2v2 combat.

ofc the explotion will only hit 3 spaces away and will push the enemy 8 places back …

The Destruction can be calculated from the max heat of the mech that is , the more it is heated up the more the damage of the self destruction …

Opponents who will see the self destruction unit will think twice when their enemy hp is very low and will stay away from it at least 3 spaces. and ofc will try not to use heat on it much …

and will make shut down mechs have their revenge :slight_smile:

Kamakazi style Mech weapon. Effective in 2V2 only ofc …


Hmm, there may be some potential here…

I’d call it… BLAZE OF GLORY!

Instead of a weapon, I’d make it the Heat version of Charge Engine

Make it non-useable until HP is <500

Upon use, it will work like Charge and crash into opponent (from any distance) and does 500 Damage to both the user and the target. We’d need a HUGE explosion!!

Downside… would not be able to use Charge if HP >500
Your Mech will automatically die

Upside… you might take out the other guy with you! :rofl:

Now here’s your dilemna… what if these are the last 2 Mechs? What would the outcome be? Player with the least HP loses (technically hits zero first)? Would it be a Tie? Hmm, interesting


nope, it’s trash
first off dealing dmg to you and your enemy sounds like a last resort method, 2nd this thing would have to deal a lot od dmg to be useful but at the same time it wouldnt be because you hurt yourself… which is the opposite of what you should do

3rd it shouldnt be able to do more dmg if the mech is heated up, that is unfair, is like saying "oh, all heat mechs that overheat will receive more dmg from this one weapon that has 3 range!

4th 3 range… is that like only at range 3 or 1-3?

5th 8 push? why? i’d understand 3 or 4 but 8?! dude, that would make the suicide useless unless you have a flame scope or something like that…


First, this is not last resort method. this is a weapon , you will lose weight and a side weapon to equip it.

it is a counter shut down weapon using both weight and a weapon place so it is FAIR.

Second , This will add 2V2 Strategy depth … alot of depth when you see the enemy use this weapon . if he uses , you will be very careful heating it up if it is his first mech and not the second one.

and also will make you not go close range out of fear of revenge.

this is alot of new depth on both sides strategy.

and third , OFC its damage is calculated from heat … it is a counter Shut down weapon.

and in any explotion if you have more heat you will deal more damage.

and Finally, OFC it is 1-3 range :slight_smile: and 8 push yes this is to make him safe from any weapon after taking the hit . it is not fair for the mech who took the explosion to be under imminent attack from the next robot. he should be in safe place out of reach to cool down and prepare for the next mech . I did this 8 push back to balance the game.


well if you take the other guy with you and both are second mechs , Then I suppose we use the score system in game to say who won how about that?


lose weight and a side weapon?

all weapons have weight and take weapon space like heat bomb… and emp etc even armor dissolver

if he uses it you can basically just overheat him with any range 4-8 top weapon or use flaming scope because of the 8 push

i just didnt get the revenge part here

… so causing dmg to you and the other player while pushing him away (lets say this is an average mech with 2 top weapons that have range 4-8 and a good drone) into top weapon range is a strategy? this weapon doesnt sound too good… i think thanos snapped his finger at it

… sure just make 1 weapon that is only against shut down, not one against drain or against dmg in general like phy… tbh people could just heat up the mech with this weapon and then use a heat bomb to shut it down for good or at least so they can get away from the range which is broken is this idea from idk maybe losses against heat players? like just make 1 weapon to counter a whole element :expressionless:

this will not make the user safe, if anything he will get shot while he cools down since well… most heat mechs carry a 4-8 range top gun like savagery… or flaming scope which by the way will make sure you lay down for good since you know 8 is the range where it can only shoot and this weapon pushes the enemy into this range…

in other words :man_facepalming:
this weapon seems a bit broken because of the range and the dmg based on the heat… it seems more of a weapon made against heat, not just a weapon idea like all others


omg …

1- yes you will equip the self desruction device in side weapon slot , and it will glow more when the mech heats up more.

2- the 8 push happens after the mech dies … it is suicide attack.

3- The revenge part ? you heat him up like a sitting duck and keep shutting him down . and he will explode in your face damaging you before he dies. he wil die anyways.

4-this is not causing damage to you … it is suicide , you will die … you will die and use the other mech . this is only in 2vs2 battles.

5- again , this is a weapon , you equip it to counter shutting you down enemies … a nice idea and has alot of depth in 2vs2 battles and alot of thinking. also it can make you lose if you use it wrong.

6- I made it use heat for damage so no weak player with low Heat MAX uses it as a deadly weapon … if I made it fixed damage then people will go crazy making suicide cheap mechs to win the battles against better opponents.

7- this will make the user safe . in 2vs2 battles after the other mech comes if he is in range and sees the enemy who had a blast bomb and heated up , it will be a sitting duck … if he is more than 8 spaces away , no 2 weapons can hit him , the enemy must lose a move to hit him.

8- This is no way broken actually it is calculated right. basing it on heat will prevent low mechs from giving high damage … you must have alot of heat to damage the enemy. this will prevent cheap suicide mechs idea. and the whole idea about it is counter heat attacks in 2VS2 Battles.


tbh in total what i respond is…

this wont really help much against heaters because well… sure it’s more dmg but you’ll get shut down and die easyly


it will auto destruct when you die . this does not need activation.

if you equip it then you always die with a huge explosion when you die.

if you choose to activate it before that you can self distruct any time as well.

Actually this would add a TIE in the game as well . in both 1vs1 and 2vs2 modes


how bout have the self-destruct have 2 range and it does as much dmg to your opponent as you have hp (up to 200) and you lose your mech. 1 or 2 knockback is sufficient. if in range, the dmg (and shrapnel graphics) will also k.o. your opponent’s drone and they gotta take it out again.

so basically if you have 199hp left, you deal 199 phys dmg to your opponent, and if you have 200hp or more left, you can deal 200 phys dmg. this shouldnt act like a bunker shell or magma blast


Just use 2 heat bombs lol




i’m loving this idea


My opinion:


because you have suicidal tendencyes…i don’t…:slight_smile:


i feel like this idea is a bit dumb since is like “oh you died? dont worry we got you. all heat mechs will have trouble when you die, since they’ll go down with you”
just git gud! we dont need such not fancy weaopns


notg only heat mechs … actually any mech can be in trouble but heat mech will be in most trouble because he tends to heat up the enemy.

Also this is Avoidable , if he manages to stay 4 spaces away …

and it is strategic , the Kamakaze Robot will make sure he gets near the enemy before death.


yeah i think 3 range is too much…
maybe 1-2 is enough taking that the dmg increases and the push is 8


I would love this idea if the damage didn’t depend on how high the heat of your mech is- that would further bury heat behind physical mechs, who could easily use it to make heat mechs useless

Its a good concept, but would be unfair if it depended on heat- you also seem to want to nerf heat mechs into the ground based on your recent topics.


Nope, whoever uses that item will be counted as the loser of the match if those are both player’s last mechs.
The Charge Engine is located within the user’s mech.
Therefore this item would also be placed within the user’s mech.
Hence when using it to explode the one who activates it explodes first and therefore loses due to photo finish so to say.

That way you cannot use that item to take a win from a player who should have won just by using a single item to force an unjustified draw unfair to the supposed winner.