Secret you probably don't know

Did you know that every 150 boxes you open, the 150th boxes would yield you a random mythical item? (Worth 6 million credits)

This isn’t a lie and this have happened to me 5 times! So what are you waiting for? Go grind yourself so moneh!


Thank u for the info :slight_smile:

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Does it count to get another mythical after just opening 70 boxes which I’ve got a mythical on it. This happened to me twice .-.


I’m not really sure about that. I got free item boxes two mythicals in a row.

Want to know a better secret? Private message me. This secret is better. :blush:

Secrets? I’m curious :x

I knew that.

I thought that happens only once.

There is still a less than 1% chance of a myth dropping in normal boxes. You are really lucky if you get one in there.

Even the free boxes has myth chance.

I do not think the interval is fixed. It would be nice if it were, though. Percentage rate is very difficult.

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What bugs me is if the mix item hence from it’s name “mix” can you give a random myth as your luck…what IF you bought the other specific boxes like the Weapons and Torsos boxes, if you bought a specific item box and got a myth from it will you get type of item?

Definitely! I checked it on several occassions… If you spam-buy mixed, you can gat ANY myth. But if you spam-buy only module boxes, you will get one of the modules (and most probably THE MOST USELESS SHITTY GODDAMN COMBINER BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)!!!

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