Secret you probably don't know


Did you know that every 150 boxes you open, the 150th boxes would yield you a random mythical item? (Worth 6 million credits)

This isn’t a lie and this have happened to me 5 times! So what are you waiting for? Go grind yourself so moneh!


Thank u for the info :slight_smile:


Does it count to get another mythical after just opening 70 boxes which I’ve got a mythical on it. This happened to me twice .-.


I’m not really sure about that. I got free item boxes two mythicals in a row.

Want to know a better secret? Private message me. This secret is better. :blush:


Secrets? I’m curious :x


I knew that.

I thought that happens only once.


There is still a less than 1% chance of a myth dropping in normal boxes. You are really lucky if you get one in there.

Even the free boxes has myth chance.

I do not think the interval is fixed. It would be nice if it were, though. Percentage rate is very difficult.


What bugs me is if the mix item hence from it’s name “mix” can you give a random myth as your luck…what IF you bought the other specific boxes like the Weapons and Torsos boxes, if you bought a specific item box and got a myth from it will you get type of item?


Definitely! I checked it on several occassions… If you spam-buy mixed, you can gat ANY myth. But if you spam-buy only module boxes, you will get one of the modules (and most probably THE MOST USELESS SHITTY GODDAMN COMBINER BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)!!!