Secret Confessions

I was recently looking at an old, abandoned site that I was on when I was younger, and I noticed one of the most forum games was Secret Confessor.

How does it work?
There exists an account with known login details, where people can anonymously post. The account only may be used to post on this thread and is not associated with any other activities either on the forums or the game. Discuss community drama, share something personal, bring up topics or opinions you mightn’t otherwise (ex. I secretly don’t hate Trump’s hair / I secretly watch soap operas between ticks). Others can them sympathize, offer advice, counter.

What is it NOT?
This is not a place to flame, bully, troll, discriminate, slander, threaten, advertise, etc. etc. (ex. I will plant to kill Admin Alexander every era I see his colony!!1!1one)

Is that legal?
It is not illegal as per the Community Guidelines and TOS.

Is this community even mature enough for this?
Possibly probably…?. Our admins can shut down the thread/account if they disapprove or the time at which anyone misuses the account. I’ll await a response to create a common login.

Comments, ideas, suggestions below!


Add me in group if u create such things back in high school days last yr we had this confession page its really fun we used to post regularly all enjoyed but yes community needs to be open before doing such things :blush:

I like killing people :smiling_imp:
It makes me Happy

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Can be interesting, but at same time, anonymity often makes people think they are invincible to say whatever it is they want. So basically, what I’m saying: the second someone stupid decides to post something abusive, insulting, inappropriate, etc. I will not hesitate to ban the account and the user associated (yes, admin’s can see).

Otherwise, have fun!


lemme answer that for ya… NO

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Agree that we are all anonymous here, except for the few friends you have as a contact in social networks.

  • By the way … the one in the profile picture is me …

i have none they arr all known

hang on i have one,
i had three accounts with thirty 1st place medals on it back before reloaded in 2016

they got their passwords changed some how and i cant fix it