Second mech build,zarkares or brutality?

energy version,same modules for energy +zarkares

same modules for zarkares
so should i use zarkares or brutality?

Use the third build.

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if you have an energy free drone, then I would go for the 2nd…more focused on heat and HP since it’s almost energy-free ^^

Actually the second one benefits him more.

  • High Hp
  • High Cooling/Heat Total
  • High Dps Loadout
  • Nearly 100% Energy-free (as YGGM stated)


  • Energy is a bit low but that can be remedied through some further modifications

Definitely the second build.

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The further modifictions are the third build.

That point is pretty much moot since the whole build is pretty damn close to being completely energy free. lmao

Doesnt matter with low energy the extra energy damage will kill him.

I mean, adding more energy just lowers your overall HP/heat/CD by a lot.

And even then, he can’t add much more, he’ll just be drained instantly (stupid arena shop for buffing energies more).

Either way he’s fine off with the second build.

i use murmur i like that -7 cooling

show us your modules

there are two diferent module builds ,with energy or without

zarkares not brutality or windigo but never brutality

brutality is better than windigo tho

Its wayyyyy worse.

Im suprised, TechnoDick. I thought I top player would know more…

ni :b: :b: a brutality has m0re hp :ok_hand: :joy: :100:

Relax, im just jesting him. Its what I do.


Technodick it only has 40 more hp but Windigo has much better cooling, better heat cap, better regen and better energy cap.


the shite you watch technoblade?

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What tf is Technoblade?
All i know if that im going to call you Technodick from now on.