Second campaign PART 3

You know the most from part 1 and 2. Check them out if you haven’t yet by clicking on these links. Part 1: Part 2: Second campaign PART 2

In the last topic I forgot to describe better those new values. So, now I will. Gold coins are replaced with unique minerals. They are special because of their unique look and they can’t be used for anything because of their unique core. Those minerals will be called INSERT NAME HERE. Tokens are replaced with special rare crystals that create unique light and are INDESTRUCTIBLE which means they can’t be used for anything either. It’s name will be INSERT NAME HERE. Some of you remember, when SM reloaded was out, you had to turn your SM coins into gold coins. Same thing will be done here. Turn your gold coins into those minerals and turn your tokens into those crystals. 1M gold coins will be worth 325K minerals. 100 tokens will be worth 10 of those unique crystals. I know of most of you will disagree… When you go to colonize a mine, you’ll have to build a mini-base there so you can always know what is going on there. When you beat a campaign level, you automatically colonize it. Just to know, you can build more hangars, labs, warehouses (except the main base)… You can send your army to mines which are enemy coloniezed to destroy the enemies and take it over. However, it won’t be successful every time. When you are going to beat a campaign level, you can also bring a few mechs / tanks / buggies to help you. You’ll be able to build a repair shop, a place where you repair your survived mechs, or even yourself. Forgot to tell, you’ll be able to pickup items your enemies left. Bring them to your repair shop, repair them, then send them to your hangar. There, those items will be in-function again, and there they’ll be ‘‘turned to your items’’ (at least I tried to explain it). Upgrading can unlock new features. Upgrading a lab can unlock fusing crystals / minerals, or even changing them into another mineral / crystal. Upgrading a hangar can unlock ‘‘fusing items’’. It actually means you can combine items to make a greater one. For example:

(this is just a crappy example)
In a hangar you can also build mech-ships. They’re important, you know. Upgrading a warehouse can unlock new storages, like for items. Upgrading a repair shop can unlock better repairing. Don’t you think this is going to be awesome? It will make the game a lot more better and exciting! When you beat Ker-Dal, you’re gonna have the same power you had on the last planet. Play in the second arena, because there will be no noobs. There will be small colonies left over the whole planet, but they aren’t so strong and they can’t beat you. Is for those who like farming ‘‘coins’’ and XP in campaign. Then you will also be able to build a more main bases over the planet. By the way, after every campaign season beaten, something happens (just like on the end of the first campaign). Now, all you have to do is to vote.

  • Is complicated, but is good. Implement.
  • Is awesome! Implement!
  • Is too much, don’t implement.
  • Is so bad! Don’t implement!

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