Second campaign PART 2

You’ve heard a lot about this in part 1. Now, there is a lot more stuff to be said. Also, if you haven’t read part 1 yet, go here and check it out.

You’ve find the planet. And you travel to it with a small army and a special ship which transforms into your base when you’re there.Is not safe, of course. Is totally unknown and there are a plenty of enemies there. Before arrival, there are three places to choose from where to build your base. Those places aren’t so away from each other. After arrival, you’ve carried only one of your mechs and a small army. There are new values, because gold coins and tokens are worth nothing in here. Gold coins are replaced with unique minerals. There is more, but I will explain it later in this topic. Tokens are replaced with special crystals that create unique light and also I will tell more about later in this topic. There are buildings you can build on this planet that you need for survival. You can upgrade you base to be better and greater. You can build a lab that you will need to research new resources and transform them into something you need. A protective wall, it will be used to protect yourself from enemy attacks. You’ll be able to send your army into parts of the wall so they destroy enemies that attack you. Build hangar to build your army. You’ll be able to send mech-ships to look for mines. After a bit of time, they will come and tell you what kind of mine they have found. How deep is it, how large, what kind of minerals or crystals are in it, is there any danger, is it free or took by Ker-Dal’s miners. Then you send your miners to mine whatever is there. You will also have to send cargo-ships that will take the mined minerals or crystals to your base. Oh, I forgot one building. You’ll have to build a warehouse to store your items there. You’ll be able to send mech-ships to check are there enemies coming to attack you or send them to check out how does the next campaign level look. Use of lab: When you’ve got your minerals, send them to your lab. There they will be researched for a bit of time (researching is only required when the mineral / crystal is unknown). After that, they can be fused to make a greater mineral (rarely a crystal) or transform them into something you need for building mechs. After all, they are going to hangar to be used for building. Minerals / crystals can be transformed into metal, ammunition and item cores. In the hangar, combining ammo-made minerals and metal you can get bullets. Then you need to build a item from metal and build it’s activator. Combining item activator and the item made from metal results an item, of course. To make a weapon you will need to design it from metal, build it’s activator and build ammo for it Is a lot, too lazy to explain :stuck_out_tongue: . In a hangar, you can build a buggy, a tank and a mech. It all costs depending how strong are his items. The warehouse can be upgraded and more it is upgraded, more stuff it can store The wall can be upgraded and then it gets stronger and it can store more mechs. You can build turrets on wall that are self-controling and they automatically recognize enemies.

This is quite a long one, and I’m going to finish it in part 3.

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P.S. Two arenas, I said. That means if you fight in the second one, you are fighting pros, and if you play on the first one, you will play with weaker ones.

for first they need to fix bugs that are now, and only then introduce something new


what bugs… :expressionless: