Second campaign PART 1


So, let me tell you the story:
When you complete this campaign, the world is safe once again, but not forever…
After a bit of time, Earth ran out of energy and resources which means no more life or mechs…
BUT, there is still hope… An alien planet, codename CF-34950, seems to contain a plenty of energy, together with LIFE… researchers have sent mech-ships to the planet and the results are amazing…
A totally another world, full of life and unknown POWERFUL resources…
But, there is an enemy…
KER-DAL, BIGBOY’s successor, even stronger than him, with his army…
But, there is the only one way to survive… TO FIGHT.

Now, that was the story. Time to get onto the thing. Well, as said , a totally another world’’ and also ,with unknown POWERFUL resources’’ so it is going to be totally different from this campaign we have now.
First season will be an underground city built in ‘‘liquid ground’’ leaded by old Big Boy protector, who did not fight for decades. Liquid ground… well, it is possible to swim in it, but it is very, very hard.
Side missions are just submarines. Second season is a basement of rare resources, found deep in liquid ground, which is kept by Ker-Dal’s weaker army leader. The basement is on an island. Is an island with weird ‘‘trees’’ with ‘‘ice spikes’’ which are actually broods of some sort of insects. .You can get some STRONG items when you defeat him. Side missions are security planes that fly around the island. Third season is a air base which was used to be a lab for researching new resources. It’s protector is a great battle mech developed to protect the base. He is a HUGE strong physical mech with a rare sword, replica of Ker-Dal’s sword. Weaker then original, but still very, very strong. Side missions are also planes that fly around the base. Fourth, season is a deep underground mine. A mine of rare minerals that were sold to other corporations, but also used to build new stronger metals for torsos. Is kept by Ker-Dal’s stronger army leader. Side missions are empty holes that had no minerals and were used to build mini bases in them. And yea, you can get GOOD TORSOS, and you even have a chance of getting torso that was used by third season protector. Fifth season is on ground. Ground is built out of stone that was super easy to break, but is in large quantities. The place is filled with Ker-Dal’s protectors, and leaded by Ker-Dal great protector. Is gonna be challenging to defeat him. Side missions are mini bases with Ker-Dal’s protectors.
And now, finally, the sixth season, THE FINAL SEASON, KER-DAL’S BASE. Is on some liquid that burns and lights EXTREMELY. This one is hard and though, of course. After defeating Ker-Dal, you finally take over his planet and build your base. You can switch between your planets, if you want. Is a brand new place, so it means a lot of new items. If you switch between planets, you can carry only one mech to second planet, and leave others in the first planet. If you’re thinking why would you stay on first planet, and how did it survived, is because energy was brought to the first planet. Also, there will be two arenas. If you ask ‘‘WHY??’’ is because there are two different planets. Also, this campaign is harder than the first one. That’s why will you get a lot more bigger rewards. I just hope you like my idea. Vote.

  • Awesome idea
  • Complicated, but is still good
  • Bad idea
  • Is too much, is bad

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just checked the poll out and voted for the option all people voted for

I would love this. I have beat the campaign a long time ago, I would also like to see new achievements. I had all my achievements beat except fuse 1000 items (which now i’m at 997) before the update. I would love to have something new to do…

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I am grabbing a story after what happened when I beat big boy is a good story in process but if you want to read it will take a week first will be in Spanish

hi toxic my story of the game has advanced a lot are many parts after what happened with big boy step 3 years in the story in a week maybe you can read my hsitoria :slight_smile:

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I’m just going to end part 2 is longer than the first good long x3

I’m glad you all like it. :slight_smile: