__Season reward, What did you get this time__


I was really lucky with arena boxes then… :smiley_cat:


Lol? Rank 10 should drop legends, at least 1 per 2-3 seasons, because it have no sense getting same rewards as rank 15


Rank 10/5/1 drop the same rewards…only the % of chance of getting legend could be different…

And from what I remember, rank 15 box give 2 epics and one rare…


does having ad blocked disable those ads ? so i can’t see the ads for premium




I play mobile, no ad blocker


Guys,please,hold your childish sexual delusions,you petty perverts.


Haha! That’s funny, L4K3.


Okey L4k3 :joy::joy:


This is what every youngling think about.
Annis,Uranus…What the hell,guys!


the one who thinks that kind of thing is @The_Yo_Yo_Man
I am a saint.


Lol! You guys are funny! :two_hearts:


Thx :sweat_smile:


Saints,don’t be affraid.
The man upstair wants to FEEL YOUR THUNDER!


Lol, that rock is so hard/crazy.


It’s Metalcore…Pretty soft actually.
Wanna hear some real heavy shit?


Pretty soft? ._.

Yeah, why not?


Goodbye To Gravity - The Day We Die
Angelmaker - Dissentient & Godless & Leech & Blood For Blood & pretty much any song off this band
Fit For An Autopsy - Black Mammoth
Ingested - Titanomachy & Purveyors Of Truth & Invidious & same,any song from them.
Suicide Silence - No Pity For A Coward
Feed Her To The Sharks - ■■■■ Melbourne & Badass
Upon This Dawning - Obey
Signs Of The Swarm - Cesspool Of Ignorance
Infant Annihilator - Soil The Stillborn
Aversions Crown - Erebus
and many more…

Now,for some crazy heavy shit,the heaviest kind of metal (death metal) you’ll hear:

Slaughter To Prevail - Chronic Slaughter
Make Them Suffer - Neverbloom
Drown In Sulphur - Blackwind
and many more…


what the heck thats like ultra dark just by lookin at the titles


I’ll listen to all of them, and then I’ll tell you how it was.

But I’ll listen to that in low volume, just in case… Lol.