__Season reward, What did you get this time__


This weeks Reward

Last Weeks reward
I think SM likes me to do this 2 times in a row, now what dod you guys get?


I received a Max Protector & a Flaming Scope from this week’s season box.


Yay another crap for me


I receive only fuckings epics.


What a hot meme


I got Windforge but screenshots aren’t working rn…@Winz_Kay can confirm


3 epics, like usual.


Oh god I forgot to do PVP this season

I was farming so hard I didn’t realize the season was already over.


3 epics.

How does one forget to pvp? It’s such a good source of gold :flushed:


Not really. BB on 2v2 gives better gold.


But with ads for premium, first 5 battles is 100k gold (not to mention 45 arena coins) at rank 5+! It’s so worth it.


You wot? How much do you earn per battle???


With premium? 22k at rank 3.


What about normal?


Like 13k or so. Still pretty good


Not tryna flex or anything but


but maybe i am


just got this
but I think it is a great weapon for fighting titans
4-8 range, high damage, high resist drain


■■■■ you TS, for this around half year I’m playing reloaded you gave me only 1 legend from arena…


Guess what i got from a 10 rank box…1 epic,and, and 2 rares…