[SEASON IN REVIEW] How Trolls fast made history and broke the RR / HTK / LLYL Stranglehold on the Top 3


Its the sound of LLYL trying to push its way into the top 3 again


80 point difference. We have 1 more less player than them. Yeah, we can do it again with right players.


Nevermind. Apparently that is the sound of trolls fast trying to push into the top 3


80 Points is a Rank 10 lol


*cough *

I think it’s rank 8


Well who cares I wasn’t in that rank in ages… Actually never was I in that Rank.

But yes it is Rank 8-7.


Well… I asked @Pleasurebot3000 what rank @Violet was since she had exactly 80 points and he thinks about rank 6


Can you show me the rank of Vio?

By the way, this is Rank 6. image


right now shes rank 7 and 80 points


There you go, guessed it Rank 7.


Guessed it, my ass.

You said Rank 10 lmao


Never guessed it my ass.


Trolls fast ( my clan ) going to need a better member then a rank 10 I hope thats a joke.

We need a Rank 4-3+


we need 2


@heppypopings pls join

obviously a joke



I finally saw that video with me quitting the battle so soon.
But today I had a battle (which I actually won) that was even shorter:


Sorry, but Chong Li got his azz handed to him.

Anyway, great post, thanks for sharing. Congrats guys!


???Wasn’t rogue all Russians ?


What makes you think that HTK is Frank Dux… maybe you’re more like Ray Jackson :wink:




That was shiro.
And those guys also broke the top 3.
They even held 1 for 2 weeks.
Rougue was made by … former llyl member.