"Scythe of fate" as a new 2019 year present (portal)


I agree with Dank, in order to make your sprite at least viable, you have to adhere with Supermechs’ Style, which is not too detailed, and not looking like an actual person.


Even @Cyanine awesome sprite hasn’t been added


Could be used a torso for a Cat-Like boss? :joy:

by the way as I was making the torso, i made some accidental whiskers that were not even supposed to be added nor planned by me


how are you ? the clown torso and the Minotaur God .A product of brutality !


Can be their add in company 3 on 3 and do them on three scale of lives .Or just for new year’s these torsos.


I at all the adhere-style SM!And it is this style but if you’re so smart, do your stuff ! I’ll look! Just my products are more detailed!


Я рисую всю жизнь а вы ?!?! Умник ?


It seems that he isn’t destroying your work, but rather taking the arm and handle and adding his own weapon to it… There is no need to be so harsh about it… Also, I am pretty sure that the arm isn’t even your’s as it is a part of every sword or axe or hammer sprite in-game…


I agreed


This should’ve been the Halloween mech



What the heck is that?


Hmm, is that Medusa?


Dark Souls meets Super Mechs.


looks so OP, minimum of 300 is omg. with debuffs and other damages is too OP for me.