Screenies from M2

M2 just finished and many people asked for screenshots, so here we go.

I’m going to try and get a BR with my total exp soon, need to move all my squads together first.

Anyway, just my little brag post here because jesus, that was hard.


hey look dats meh

I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for deciding top10 so early and In the end let us take easy ribbons and 2k blues just like that.

People in this forum should know how true legends act.

You had so much competition this era, i cant belive how u pulled this off fighting such Old Teams with so much experience.

We should all agree There is only one legend A.K.A Sinitus.

Would you consider our offer to play with us for 5,000$.

We want to kill Cheater Trajic.

LmK, kys.


god damn everywhere i look someone mentions me. what have i done this time? :frowning:


Yeah, that part kind of annoyed me. I wanted to hand out rank 1/2 alliance to those who played best this era and fought hardest, the problem is that those that fought hardest also got nuked most so they couldn’t get their score up enough in time and I think admin Tom would have been quite pissed off if I extended the era any further. So indeed, you got your chance to get an easy rank 2. I wish admins could decide by themselves who deserves the tokens most, but sadly that is not possible so we have complete newbs getting ranks and tokens for nothing. Ah well.

I’m a complete newb

"Fought hardest"
If you consider the enemies u had this m2 Good or somewhat you have some issues.

I wish admins would give you an Super Uber Medal because your Sinitus, the legend.

Those 2k Blues spent already kek.

You still didn’t answer my question about killing trajic for 5,000$ or you scared already of that Cheater?

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Some of them were good :slight_smile: And even if not, the statement still stands. Those who fought best should get the blues in my opinion, regardless of whether that is because the rest was terrible and they were average or because they were great and the rest was average.

Lol, killing trajic for $5000… What round, I need details :wink: Hit me up on Skype!

Also, what makes you say I’m a cheater?

He is referring @trajic1 as cheater not you milan.

nah the alliance name is bcoz you cheated

lol …

I think I am the one who made Shanks planted in the era and he made planted Hataric … :smiley:

[24-Feb-17 7:14:53 PM] Harsh Rana: Btw u planning for any other era?
[24-Feb-17 7:15:02 PM] Harsh Rana: if u are i have 1 for u
[24-Feb-17 7:15:02 PM] Kuchiki Byakuya: U still can have rank 2
[24-Feb-17 7:15:15 PM] Kuchiki Byakuya: Yeah where?
[24-Feb-17 7:15:20 PM] Harsh Rana: m2
[24-Feb-17 7:15:28 PM] Kuchiki Byakuya: Ok
[24-Feb-17 7:16:04 PM] Kuchiki Byakuya: Gimme the luck and i will be ready by 1 day
[24-Feb-17 7:16:29 PM] Harsh Rana: okay … but era will start in 10 hours
[24-Feb-17 7:16:39 PM] Harsh Rana: we planning for 2nd - 3rd
[24-Feb-17 7:16:52 PM] Kuchiki Byakuya: In m2?
[24-Feb-17 7:17:13 PM] Kuchiki Byakuya: We can have1
[24-Feb-17 7:17:18 PM] Harsh Rana: yea … u know? in bd u need to time than strike on way
[24-Feb-17 7:17:20 PM] Harsh Rana: :wink:
[24-Feb-17 7:18:12 PM] Kuchiki Byakuya: Ok i will be ready in 10 hours with a lot of reds

No wonder he didnt win
cause you made him plant :slight_smile:

Yeah …

Teach him how to suck asses for a win … maybe he will get a team like u do!

How is sucking going? how much u improve?

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is killing off your team in 20 ticks a improvement ?:kissing_closed_eyes:

hahaha …

Care to explain?

Let me do this!

I and my team were invaded ur hive than ur team which was friendly from start backstabbed us! Our network was gone and for ur information, i was gone for 1 week … otherwise, u know its so easy to kill me … and I know how to dance … I will teach u!

Btw! Did u suck that team asses? for backstabbing us?

Continuing to reverse the order of the spam category, slowly…

Ugh, this is hard.