Scratch And Win!


Scratch and win.

This topic is not if it has been published by another, but I will reconsider if it has been published ^^

Hello! Im DubBass, and this idea came to me a few months ago, and I think it made the gameplay much easier (I think so)

The things are like this: If you win a battle x you might get a ticket,

-Comun ticket (60%)
-Epic ticket (50%)
-Rare ticket (50%)
-Legendario ticket (20%)
-Mythical ticket (5%)

Tickets range in Torsos, legs, side weapons, melee weapons ETC …

As for winning the tickets can only be found battling, not in the campaign that would be OP.

Dubbass has written to you, and I wish you good night.
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Be more specific. What the point of the tickets? How are they used? Also, this seems like the Boxes you buy.


Tickets are not bought, that’s a bit easier, so to complicate it is only in battles and if they leave, most of the time they will be common but they can get much better,

Their function is that in an entrance their tickets and their tickets that they want to appear, and torsos sea, legs bla bla …
And selling anything of that common type, epic, rare, legendary and mythical


Um… Yea, still don’t get it.


Ok bro, i love u :heart:


have material which will give like 50 material per ladder win
so it would be like-
common items - need 250 material
rare items-500 material
epic items-750 material
legendary item-1200 material
mythical item-5000 material

u can exchange any item for the amount of material it requires


Both tickets and materials are basically adding new resource/s to the game, which is something we are debating about often.

We will probably do another assessment on the necessity of more resources after we’ll have the new economy public and running for a while.


as far as i see tickets and materials are nothing but tokens. will they give away tokens for winning pvp matches? don’t think so; we might have to purchase it


Ok, thanks to thinking this idea, hope this is integrated into the game. Thanks in advance for answering my topic. :point_right::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::ok_hand:


That a really cool idea!