School blocking every single website


Hello there. My school for some reason has blocked every single website except for 3 websites: google drive, skyward (grades), and canvas (like google classroom). What do I do?


Curl up and cry, works for me


Install gb browser from the chrome web store.

If all else fails, get a device of your own instead of using the schools, although I do know a lot of the time that is not a option.

And if your chromebook is the only device, how are you typing this???


Chrome web store is blocked rn… also you can’t download any browsers or anything on chrome web store for my district or else I would have downloaded SM onto the chromebook…


How are you typing this?

Also there is no chrome extension for sm so that would not have been possibl


I’m on home laptop rn and I said SM I meant a browser of some sort.


Oh… well if you have access at home. You can do schoolwork at school if your school is that hard-pressing on websites you are allowed to use. All games are blocked on mine as well


It just happened today (20 min. ago) and it appears to be an accident, they wouldn’t do that to us and they haven’t before.


I am not sure how you can do that accidentally, but if so, just report it I guess.


Damn, you guy use computers during school hours. Damn. I only had pencil/pen and paper.


School is aplace to further yourself in your mental capacities.


and sm is a testament to exactly that


Which qualifies as the extreme opposite of being here


you just wait until after school then just do what you would do normally.
for say with me its watching anime for 4 plus hours after school


welcom bek


There is a reason why your school management took such a decision, respect the rules and follow them judiously.


download a VPN app and play on your phone


Yeah… well about that, it’s chromebooks (practically the slowest computer out there). At least we do have them.


I can’t do that… Believe me, I spent over an hour just trying to get one. None worked (no matter what).