Schedule Downtime 2/28/2018


Okay given I just made a topic about some cheater. Kinda feeling annoying at this point.

But I have to also comment on how my Arena Daily glitched during a fight and completed but I didn’t get the fuel. The fight’s not even there, was against Peter Kni.

Just reporting a bug that’s so far only happened to me (unless others have had the same issue).


@Sarah247… good morning!

I have answered your private message.

thank u!


Its all good. Thx for the free 100 tokens.


he put his jacket on his head or something


Samuel must have been bald.


I answered first anyway :3


Meh,didn’t see it :stuck_out_tongue:


guys its working its working yes


its working


you are a bit of 10 hours late to the train meng


what did you get from the box?


i got 100 tokens did not get a pic it was awsome


No not from the box that the devs sent you the box from the daily login


oh i got a boring iron boots


they are good when myth i have them myth level 40 right now on my pys mech


go to the clan thread not this


should i trade them for my heat leggs


are you a heat mech or a pys mech


i have a heat drone and rocket lancher so kind of both mostly physical


go to the LEGEND ROBOTS clan lounge/recruitment page