Schedule Downtime 2/28/2018


A special gift?
What is it?


I think we’ll all get two. I managed to get 200 from two special gifts lol




Certificate verified done, thank you


We are back up everyone!
For the downtime, we have given everyone a special gift of 100 tokens.
We appreciate your pateince.
If anyone is expleriencing any issues please let us know.

Maintenance Complete


Finally not only an epic card…


So we get tokens as a means of compensation?
That’s great!
Thanks for caring about us and making up for it,@Sarah247 and all the devs!


Okay given I just made a topic about some cheater. Kinda feeling annoying at this point.

But I have to also comment on how my Arena Daily glitched during a fight and completed but I didn’t get the fuel. The fight’s not even there, was against Peter Kni.

Just reporting a bug that’s so far only happened to me (unless others have had the same issue).


@Sarah247… good morning!

I have answered your private message.

thank u!


Its all good. Thx for the free 100 tokens.


he put his jacket on his head or something


Samuel must have been bald.


I answered first anyway :3


Meh,didn’t see it :stuck_out_tongue:


guys its working its working yes


its working


you are a bit of 10 hours late to the train meng


what did you get from the box?


i got 100 tokens did not get a pic it was awsome


No not from the box that the devs sent you the box from the daily login