Scammers everywhere :(

Just look as this pesky scammer annoys me to the max


I got to play against him in the arena and he asked me the same thing.
Too bad I didn’t get the chance to take a screenshot.

Fokin scamer’s…Trying to make us baned or worse…

Yeah i hate them all

He talks to me so often that I have to block him

He asked me if i want free tokens he said he helped kraken(he is also a heacker)

They’re going to ban him because he’s a small. There are other bigger ones, that are untouchable.



After this warning you don’t need to post anything in forum.


If the warning exists, it´s because something happens. It isn´t necessary to write a warning if things are not happening.

But you have to understand 2 things:

  • To an experienced player, with months or years in the game, it´s easy to understand why it´s said that password should not be give out. But for a new player, who knows little about mechanics of game, who doesn´t know people, who seeks to relate to someone, who is lost in many aspects and who is willing to be approached and helped a little, it´s very easy to fall.

  • Even if you are an experienced player, we are humans and the human being is a social being. It´s very difficult that you don´t have a friend in the game and if you haven´t one, you will look for him/her. Therefore, even with all the experience of the world, someone will have in the game that is your trust. I can assure you that more than 50% of the players have ever given our password to someone.
    It happens that you are online and most of the time you don´t know personally who you think is a friend. So trust breaks the bag. But you cannot go against a natural law that says the human being always seeks someone with whom to relate and who to trust.

And by the way, not even the one who creates the most intelligent of all, is free to fall into scam. Whoever thinks otherwise is the first fool who falls.


I made a thread about this guy too
Elcent unlisted it because he got mad at it

Does anyone like the idea of making a thread where we mess with the scammers, and post the screenshots?

(Since they don’t want that stuff in the forum, we can make it a pm)

For example, giving them fake usernames, stupid usernames, and stuff like that
And maybe come up with creative ways to mess with them

(The end goal of this is to dick around with them so much that hopefully some of them leave forever.)
Like this post, and I’ll add you to the pm

I have creative ways of annoying this kind of people especially A-Bot

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I invited you

This text will be blurred


Damn its only 50.000 Gold coins. I need more. Then i’ll give my acc info

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This link is in Spanish. Use a translator if necessary because it´s worth reading.


Yes, they are everywhere.

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The best part is some arent even putting any effort in their scammings