Scammers are attacking? )))

just found this email.

what’s this? way to steal my account? my alt account! From which I never wrote, did not ask questions, did not send requests, had no connection with this site.
And I have an account ONLY in supermechs!

@Sarah247 what is it?

You always get confirmation after a in game purchase


I did not make purchases))

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You get the message if you even attempt to purchase tokens

1 - a letter from the battledawn - I am not registered there, I do not know what kind of game it is, if it is a game at all!
2 - the letter came on the acc supermechs, with a test function (base). From which I never wrote in TP or anywhere else!
3 - since this is a test function, I did not try to buy tokens, I never clicked on the buy buttons in supermechs!!!

Hacker evolution. Lol

As someone who’s purchased tokens I can say for sure this is from tacticsoft2019_06_12_021751

And the site on the screenshot is correct?
just nobody knows my password, I didn’t buy anything and didn’t click, this is strange.

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Yeah, it takes you to your inbox on the old forum

I have a completely different link to the old forum!

Decided to pop in here for a sec and saw this. To answer your question, Battledawn was the original basis that Supermechs game was built upon. So if you purchase in Supermechs, you used to actually be purchasing in Battledawn (because our games were intertwined). So no worries over it being a scam :slight_smile:
Battledawn is now separated from Tacticsoft, however it looks like TS has not cleaned up all of the back end automation messages.