SC (PM TW FOR TOKENS) is recruiting experienced players


F3 is open! If you want to join and rock the whole era, Join SC. I am a experienced and very active leader if you want to join just PM me. Ill be your leader and be the best leader and TOP 1 alliance in F3. I hope you join guys :heart_eyes:


If Fantasy 3 just restarted, I’ll join up. Why not, I’ll try playing again.

Edit: If only I could get the stupid BD website to work!


HAHAAH SO SAD :frowning:


I’m in man. Settled right next to you.


Ok send alliance inv. I know we are conquered lol. but its early ticks so we can go back and revenge.


Alexander is helping me gain access again. And you’re right, it’s early. That’s why I’m STILL IN PROTECTION, NUB.



Hahahaha Anyways. I dont think so thaat this alliance are in Earth Eras.