Say true who you hate?


Thanks for adding chicken.Chickens cant talk so they cant have an opinion either
Ps,your also a drink





Warning Toxic levels are going to high.This posts will be deleted if you keep going,along with a ban.So please have fun,dont be a toxic player!


,we may have a problem here. @Elecent


Lol I thought the brony fandom died years ago, how is it still alive.


im not experienced on the lifespan of fandoms,but every dead fandom will have a leftover corpse.


Fine,ill change my pic,bcus its quite obvious you guys, are toxic about it.


Lmao idc what your pic is.


i dont hate any one just dislike them cause hate is a strong word except that one group of ass holes who keep trying to trip me down the stairs/ fall down the stairs


i hate people that hate hating hate


hm well let me think again i dont hate hating its just some thing i dont do 24/7 unlike some people


I dont scare
Your father calling you?


proper grammar pls
ai kent undersent