Say true who you hate?


Then, when you eat me, I will eat you from inside.


My meat is delicious you better eat all :slight_smile:


I hate my friend in realife but in game here a list of user and player I hate:
1, L4k3
2, L4k3
3, L4k3
4, L4k3
5, L4k3
6, L4k3
7, L4k3
8, L4k3
9, L4k3
10, L4k3
11, L4k3
12, L4k3
13, L4k3

123, L4k3
124, L4k3
125, L4k3
126, Vn(My friend)
L4k3 make me noy some how :thinking:


Cut the forum part.
It will have destructive results.There is a new rule against hate between or targeted against forum members.


Ok… :thinking:
But in forum i only hate you (no mean)


Like I care,anyways.


Just is you make me noy by somehow, every time see you my heart say


Who you hate in your realife? Now here a serious question so answer it serious .




I don’t care about your question.


Say what you want.Come on,keep it going!


Nope Just an question I tried to be serious :)))


Umm… I like u, u my idol but when I see u my heart say you are enemy.




Life :frowning: :frowning:


I hate epic items when they are in premium boxes and packs


I like how you say you are a different person just to shift the blame off of yourself. You only hate L4K3 because he’s the only one to tell you to stop. You probably think that he’s the only one who thinks you are annoying. Well, no. If you look around, almost every single person would think you’re annoying and probably dislike you. It’s the truth.


People who owe me money and are delaying after the due date.


Maybe :thinking:
But L4k3 not the only one said me stop much people did :thinking:


Well, if A LOT OF PEOPLE tell you to stop, then YOU SHOULD STOP.