Say hi to the new top 1 "Liker" (Yes, Me)


#$~~~~~~~KilliN Rules$

@Carter Down
@Kaen Down


Hi KilliN !


“Post must be at least 20 characters”


hey bro!



hi KilliN!

20 Character Limit


Kaen will always be my saviour,





That’s so much love xd


Lol thtas why i have plenty of likes :laughing:


I am waiting when will you give me 1k likes

And yes you get passed those two

KilliN 3.1k
Carter 3.0k
Kaen 2.9k


Personally, I think @Carter is the one that I see who genuinely and legitimately likes posts on most of the forums. I don’t know about Kaen and Killin on the other hand, ehh… it’s good that he did beat the two but I consider his work can be beaten by majority of the players :confused:





It’s mostly because I was around since day 1 tbf.

Killin and Kaen have both gone back to the past and liked stuff because they didn’t join right away. Nothin wrong with that tho


i had an account from the first day of the forum, logged only to create the account but i forgot the nick .-.


I was here in the first month of the forum existing. I just dont randomly like stuff, unlike the 2 of you. Only stuff i ahree with or find funny or if its posted by someone i like


Want a medal for it?