Savagery and Corrupt light or Dual CL?

As of now, this is my mech:

So, should I keep it how it is or begin running a dual Cl?

And don’t comment about the Heronmark Im just waiting for terroblade…

  • Savagery and CL
  • Dual CL

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I’d say dual CL because if your opponent is within range, you can heat 'em up twice.

Savagery + CL is better IMO. You can hit the max weapon range with Savagery, and if you opponent is at range 3 use Sorrow in its place.

Dual CL doesn’t work unlesss your opponent has really low cooling. You need to damage as well. No substitute for Supreme Cannon on a heat build.

Supreme Cannon
Corrupt Light

The above took me to R2/3 with no myth HP/Resist.

However, make sure your mods are mythed and maxed, and you need at least 1800-2000HP.

I tried dual CL. It’s utter FAIL when going beyond R5.

I know, but I kinda hate the rocket mech style considering that They are litterally the exact same build every time. I ike sticking to mass heating, cause, hey already made it to rank 6 with only my health maxed. So if I max my modules and weapons, maybe I can get even farther. I just got the sorrow andyway and I love it, it kills energy mechs, so Im gonna stick to mass heating.
Thanks for the suggestions tho.

Savagery is basically CL but with different range and it is a top weapon.
Use savagery, cause u can attack once and cool down at range 8 and 7, and be able to attack twice at all other ranges. With CL you are vulnerable to range 7 and 8.