@Sarah247 please help me!My account is linked

My account ‘’ Nikos ‘’ is linked with an other account called Okistarm 3.So,when I log in super mechs with my username and password,i log in his account.I talked with my clan’s leader and he told me that I had to log in 6days,so I am sure that he doesn’t have my account.I also talked with a friend and he told me that it is just a bug.Please help me!!

Is this friend simpleon by any chance?

yes Simpleon said that Okistarm is his friend.How did you know that

Simpleon is a friend of mine and he has told me about this. Okistarm “quit” super mechs a while ago to pursue minecraft but I have my doubts

Yeah he told me that okistarm quited.Do you know if this is a bug

It happened to me before, and one day my account randomly came back

I cant do much but @Sarah247 might

oh in how many days did you get your account back

It’s best you don’t know…