@Sarah247 need help here



Hi Sarah, İ am not very active but im an old player of SM.
İ am playing on Android (synched with google play) and a few days ago,i unfortunately pressed “new player” in the login screen; since then when i log in, it is as this new player, with new account. My regular/old account doesnt log in.
İ am an old and advanced player with full & maxed mythical equipment so thats quite bothersome. My regular in game name was “Lord Gorgon”, now this new player account is named “Calm Gorgon”.
I have sent a few mails to the support team, without any correct feedback up to now :frowning:
Could you please use you wand.



Just a couple of questions.
When you pressed new players, did you play the tutorial all the way through?
If you did play the tutorial what did you do next? (connect to google again? refresh the game etc?)
When you load the game now and go to accounts and connect to Google play does it give you a choice to your new and old account?
Please let me know.


Hi Sarah,

an thanks for the fast answer. Yes, i went through the tuto, i kinda though there has been an update to the game and maybe a second campaign, or that it would turn back to normal after the end of the tuto. After the tuto finished i didnt connect to google, it was already connected. İ then tried uninstall/install, didnt work. Thats when i decided to mail the support.
When i load the game, it just gives me to chose witch google account i wish to connect with, there is only my one email adress to pick; and it does open with this new account.




you here bro? Lord gorgon for ya


hey budddy good to see ya again


whats going on buddy


Good seeing you too… how is the caln going?

cant login into my account. got suppressed by a new account. :frowning:
İf i can fix this, ill apply to clan up with ya…





If your wondering why @Sarah247 is asking you these questions, it is for the game to get better. I hope you have the same idea. BTW welcome to the forum