Sarah, please help

Please Sarah help me. I’m not sure why i cant log in my account ,I haven’t violated any rules or regulations. Please give me assistance to why this is so. I’m Sabrina Carpenter in the game and my id is 15607122.Please look into this as i worked hard in going to the top,i have obtain 3 solo medals, 2 gold, 10 silver and 5 bronze. I really want my account back so i can also be in on the action. In any case i have violated any rules please tell me and i swear i would not do it again, but I’m confident i haven’t.Please reply to me as soon as possible.I hope to gain access to my account again. Thank You.

Thank You and Have A Good Day. @Sarah247

MAYAHART did you start by deleting all browser cache especially the flash links in the cache that will usually keep you from logging into Supermechs especially after all these updates that have been happening.

I DID, plus my all my brothers and sisters account can log in

Please also email [email protected] as well with this issue. They check their work email more often than the forums.

I already send they an email, i have waited for a week but still no answer.My friends recommend me to post it on forums as that was how he got back his account when he was banned as well