Sarah...please a little help?


Sarah thing still getting out of control with hackers and cheaters :frowning:

I run a bunch of site and I have question on why you guys not get rid of some of the hackers and cheated account. I would guess in 2 hours you could get 95% of them. :frowning:

Should be pretty freakin easy…

Why…Why you guys dont do the job ? Do you not feel shame ? If I was there in office with you guys…I would take my shoe off and whip at your heads :slight_smile:

Below our 2 from ladder today.

Marine 47 res

Voltaire 52 res

Sarah Please have someone do their job…whoevers job it is :frowning:


Complete and utter bull. Do you know how many cheat accounts there are? You notice them because you PLAY and end up getting matched. They (the staff) do not sit and play the game all day. They work to improve it. Not sit around and individually search for every hacker and cheater that signs up using a fake email. Report the cheaters. All you can do to improve things.

To top it off, it’s not like they have a system that goes blinking and alarming the second someone cheats. It doesn’t exist. They can’t monitor every battle. 2 hours? If you were on the staff, you wouldn’t get 1/100th of the cheaters banned or removed. Not to mention, you’d be busy doing your job.


Is it your job ?

It should not take long to look at maxed out account and see if they pay or not. How many account you really think log in last month ?

I stand by my 2 hours :slight_smile:

Its not to hard to mod this kinds of things…they dont have to set and play all day lol

I have been webmaster since 1999…this is easy to avoid, and easy to fix.


There are no mods for SM. Only forums. So no, not my job.
And if you’re so good, apply and give a solution for fixing instead of just complaining on forums :slight_smile: if it’s only 2 hours of your time to fix whats causing you so much pain, why not just state the fix instead?
Anywho, I’m out. I don’t actually deal with anything on the SM side. But I still think it’s a ridiculous complaint. I’d be glad for you to prove me wrong though :slight_smile:


Listen this is second time one of your staff offer me to do their jobs lol Im flattered really :slight_smile:

I find this game a long time ago and try to buy it then for a friend of mine. He sold his company for $550 million and was looking for gaming sites. Right now same friend run and have around 800,000 people online all day and night.

Im willing to do some work for guy remotely, but I would like to get paid for it…im not fluxeon and work for free lol…i would take supporter tokens of course. Im more than willing to help out.


^ didn’t say do it for free


Im the kind of guy you recuit…I dont apply :slight_smile:


Hell i even do some affiliate management for your company.

After the hackers and spammers…I see this as your third weakest spot…is the affiliate program. Supermechs not listed on a lot of big site.


The resistance bug is a bug. Not hackers just people exploiting a bug.
We are fixing it and it should be live in the next couple of days. It is all dependent on Apple and Google improving the new version.

As @Malicewolf said. We are a small team and we are working to make improvements, develop more content and try as hard as we can to make Super Mechs the best game out there.
We rely on the community to help us find bugs, cheaters and hackers. We are so grateful to have such a great group of dedicated players.

The resistance bug was reported on the forum yesterday ( ) and today we already have the fix submitted. I am not sure how much faster we could have got it done.

We would be happy to hear all your suggestions for Super Mechs. Send me a message directly, I would love to chat!


Do you ban the accounts that exploit bugs ?


I happened to come across this, please take what I say with a grain of salt as I work on BattleDawn these days (not Super Mechs).

But keep in mind doing a ban people don’t expect (and who really expects a ban if they see others doing it and its an ingame trick?) is completely poisonous. Nobody gains anything, people only learn they may get banned without a clear warning/obvious reason and Super Mechs loses players.

(I don’t know the nature of this problem, again, I stopped with Super Mechs. If it wasn’t ingame, obviously this doesn’t apply this time.)

The second thing of note is, Super Mechs isn’t just a website. We have about 6 platforms, and thousands of players. Usually between 1000-3000 in total playing at the same time and often more! It’s not a few hours to find and ban all cheaters – it’s a fulltime job for a few people. So we tried to stick to automation where we could.

The automated systems ban many players every single hour. They use a form of warning system internally where the ban starts short and goes up on repeat offence.

Taking cheats out by the root is a far more effective measure than chasing your tail trying to get rid of enough players to have the game cheat free. :slight_smile:


To this… I would say the paying customers you do have expect hackers and exploiters to be banned. Why should they give anything to game if hackers get it all for free. This is not the sm players you need.

In most of the games on the internet that are pay to win. Hackers and exploiters actually do expect to get banned.

With that said … im willing to help out with this for cheap remotely. Just like you guys are running this new forum it kinda needs to be a team effort to stop the hackers and spammers. The premium players will tell us who is doing the cheating.


Im not trying to be all negative…game is improving a lot and looks better.


Hello everyone!

The ZION hacker was reported many times, I attest, because I even saw the screenshots that sent to tacticsoft.

However, the devs took 2 months to remove ZION from the game (and I have my doubts they removed him).

Let’s be honest, the truth is, people get angry with devs (me too), but in reality hackers sometimes have better tools and knowledge than the developers themselves, they are professional hackers. ZION also sold his tricks, the game was his business.

If you have so many games to control and so many players, don´t cover so much if you can not with everything! There is no control of purchases for ex.? There is no stock control? There is no control of the items that come out and the tokens that are sold?

The result of all the hacking has been that honest people who were once a good buyer, now no longer spend. While others have directly left the game.
At the end will be only the hackers and the noobs, and neither one nor the other buy.

If you intend to cover so much, with so few controls, as I said in another message, it´s killing the golden egg hen.

Rgds. Nancy.


Nancy, devs using ip ban. There is an exit

But developers did not answer.



Odd, because i told to you five times how to reproduce this cheat and nothing happened when i used to be the SM White Hat, telling to you and Liran how to reproduce the cheats that people used in 2016.


ZION was online two days ago.


Popopop for president.


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