Sarah can you explain what flag status means to my account?


It’s a pity that the mech does not have 2 heads. If I would not have 4 of these desolations…


I know this and have it
but in my current heatbild it does not pass by weight. May be later.

hatred is mutual. :wink:

well, actually it was more a joke than a warning.
Although, in each joke only a joke share. :crazy_face:

I can understand well, sometimes with one sniper manages i defeat double desolation, but veru rarely. Deep myth modules is antidesolation.


Sarah I may be only person on here that know what happen on that date that they get the flag. I admit what I do and it I was kinda proud of it. I had like 225 streak and was in first. Then, oh look new pumpkin perk. I try it out and it was cool, but that f’in pumpkin freeze my game twice and knock me down to 9th. I cuss everyone in that chat back then there was 50+ most nights. I keep cussing and going off for hours. Finally a purple guy named Liran came into chat to calm me down. :frowning: I cuss him good 2 but we make up that night and i say im sorry.

But i can only think the flag has to be bad for my account :frowning:


And what I did in 2015? I wasn’t here!!! I didn’t know that this game exists!!!



Please don’t post the full informations of the auto-replay!
People like me can read a lot out of this…



Like what things?


Your angry about something with the game, so you get mad at winz kay when she said "peace"


Check your mailbox Sarah…


This flag/status is such a heated topic. :fire:
Again, no conspiracy theory.
From the dev I asked:
Half of these fields aren’t even updated anymore and when they were they were used by the dev team only to identify players to check for bugs. Flag/status was probably used to indicate an active player, or maybe if someone is in a clan. Not sure."

So there you have it. Even the devs don’t recall what the fields mean. They are useless fields. No one is blocked from getting items.

Everyone can now move on the to next conspiracy. :slight_smile:


I love the last part. :slight_smile:

Also thanks for the reply.


That sound kinda far fetched to me :slight_smile:

Did you ask Liran ? he knows


I don’t feel really…calmed down…from you reply…

There are some uncertainities…and I feel like there are no clear answer to what is that flag thing…

Anyone could re-explain me please ? ^^


I knew that Pumpkin brings problems. That’s why I recently removed it from my inventory.


She said that she asked a developer what it meant, since she is not a dev.
The dev explained that the flags are so old and outdated they barely remember.

This means they are no longer used, out of the system.

They cant quite remember as they are so obsolete but it had nothing to do with items or blockage or any other wierd conspiracy the people here love to dream up.


Some flags are newer and looks like still being used.


Omg! @Sarah247 … sorry we put you in a bind. But the truth is very funny that developers don´t know what all this is for … it has made me laugh at the end.


Maybe ask them to remove the fields and clear the DB caches. Also ask them to do a DB repair and optimization whilst they at it. Just to make sure there is no redundant info in there that may be causing issues.

We all know that lower level accounts get rubbish drops. Maybe this switch is still active in some accounts by mistake. I don’t know, but the probability in the maths does not add up with some players getting zero Claw after 200+ runs.

Other skrinks are running arena with 2 and 3 claw builds, whilst us dedicated players are screaming.

It’s not nice. Maybe just give us all some claws. We are deserving!


Mine is the oldest, dates from the time I was not here … a kind of foreshadowing, of premonition …


“Not sure.”
“Even the devs don’t recall what the fields mean.”

And why accounts - “new” ones still got flagged :question:

Flag:03-03-2018 at 04:23:15PM


Fields …

  • Clan Name

  • Flag … maybe the date of joining the / a Clan

But how have Clan members the “Flag: 0” :question:
And Status: false



They also said it could mean they are active.