Sarah can you explain what flag status means to my account?


The “Rank: 25” is explainable …

When you play campaign it put you to Rank25 … an “old” bug, which should also not be :exclamation:

So, if you sent the ticket right after you played Campaign (and you didn’t refresh) it - the System - identify you as Rank 25 player :exclamation:



In December 2015 I was not here.

What’s more, I worked in 3 places, so it’s likely that I was not even in my home at 7:44 PM


Yes,I’ve though about that and it makes sense now.

Why is my status false and Mr.E’s is true?
What does it do?
What makes it different?


Im pretty sure that:

Status: true --> premium account activated
Status false --> premium account not activated

But we could find this out if the status true players tell us if they had premium account when they sent the report to the support team.


That is indeed a possibility but I doubt it…


I probably had it activated.


Well, looks like im wrong because I activated my premium account and my status is still false.


And what do you attribute that having invested more than 2000 dollars never got to get platinum in 7 months?

We go to my case too, in the same period of time and having invested between 1600 and 1700 I didn´t get platinum either, at least until I sent a pm.

And we have the case of the famous “claw”, 15 refill, 10 premium packs and nothing.

If I have to wait another 7 months to get the claw, when I get 1, everyone else already has 3.


Exactly this is the point …

here also …

+220 runs on Insane and Hard (Item Portal) - NOT 1 Legendary (therefor also not 1 The Claw)
40 hours :exclamation: tried everything :exclamation:

@Fluxeon … did the “same” … tried everything - got 20 :exclamation: Legendaries … 2 The Claws


Therefor is NO explanation about luck :exclamation:

2 players doing the same : played Item Portal endless

1 player got 0 Legendaries

1 player got 20 Legendaries

I am not saying that we get cheated, BUT for sure there must be something …

  • a bug

  • a mistake in the system

  • a block caused by SOMETHING

… just think how long the take-back-to-Level25-when-you-play-Campaign-BUG exist now :exclamation:


P.S.: what if I tell you, that the best account available atm has “Flag: 0” :question:


I repeat-in my account flag=0 Status=false no plates and no shotgun I have none of the missions or preмpacks or portals. Nary.


You did not get the claw in the portal either? How many refills did he consume?

Then u tried to buy boxes?

Excuse the indiscreet question. But I would like to know if there are more cases like mine.

The same with respect to platinum.


So, what are those “flags” used for? This is still not clear.


I with sweat and blood wrest off from the portal two this the tabourets.

I didn’t count, but a lot, a very lot. All the time in the game was occupied by the portal. Not arena.

of the boxes fell and prempacks the same type of weapons - axes, for example, and modules, but never any shotguns. Some weapons and torso also accounted for only grow from epics. Very strange randomly with multiple drop some really rare items and the lack of massa others. Such separation by type of bellows is clarified with colleagues and checked myself changing the type of fur. By the way, the worst rate of decline on mixed and on energys.

always at your disposal, :rose::sunglasses:


In portal I got 5 legendaries. The best of them 1 valiant. The other 4 only garbage.


Oh, its very good and my dream.

6 legendarys: 2 trash, void, second Terrorblade and two claws.

UPD honestly, in the portal I was more interested a epics - like more comfortable in transfom, because droping now is a miserable.


Well, yes. Valiant helped me to transform 1 desolation. I am not energy.


not necessary to talk about this publicly, as the energys store anger. :roll_eyes:
And I also think that valiant fusion is the barbaric act at this point. :face_with_monocle:


I find it easier - I use all three types, time to time :upside_down_face:


It was worth it. With “desolation” I am killing now energy. You already see the paradox.


Plus Nanc, really hates VS… do it was kinda of payback for her to kill that VS.


I had no premium account active at the time.