Sarah can you explain what flag status means to my account?


If you would mean this honest, our little conversation would have had a sense :exclamation:



I did mean peace?

What made you think I was angry or not peaceful?


Please,just stop fighting.


Please don’t call this fighting.

It’s a conversation involving reconciliation and understanding gestures that I hope Best will accept


Betsy learn that there are other people here(as in the planet Earth) except you, that have different opinions, you is not alone.
They are free to express it, and have free will.
There isnt only one side of the coin.
Flagged(i call them filtered)accounts seem more probable to me from my own experience of this game, that is the main reasson i let go of the game.
Now the flag that apears, seems more probable to be related to the ticket that you send to support, then an actual marking of that specific account.I highly doubt it that they would send you the information that your account has been “flagged”(filtered), so that you can see that you are prohibited from obtaining items… would be a dumb move.
Indeed the official answer is in the best case evasive, but i wouldnt expect a different one from their point of view.
Ps:Stop bullyling kids, learn to respect all comunity members.


Says the one, who LIE to all others :exclamation:

Here some opinions …
(and they see it absolutly correct)

There was no direct answer to …

Why some accounts are flagged, and some not :question:

There are total different dates on the “Flag:”

What does a “Flag: date” mean / do :question:

Some accounts with “Flag: 0” have best items multiply times - just a fact :exclamation:



What exactly did i lie about?
Or it is just one of your tautrums?
Dayly rant episode?
Ps:Stop bullyling kids, learn to respect all comunity members.
This refers to not picking on Winz or others, but you are more then welcome to try with me… Come let’s dance!Punk!
Feeling lucky? Punk?


@Sarah247… to see if we clarify … there is a problem with the status of my account.

I have claimed it here, I sent you a pm, I claimed via email to technical support, I even left a message on facebook … and nobody has answered me!

My “flag” refers to a date in which I was not in this game, I did not know it! It is a date of the year 2015. It also declares “rank 25” and I am rank 1.

You say that it´s automatic system. Great. Something on your automatic system is broken. Something’s wrong. The data that you throw from my account are not correct.

Therefore, if this serves the developers to identify problems. What problems can you identify with wrong data?

Please, check and verify my account. I have been assuming for months that my account has impossible or very difficult access to certain items. And the error can be this.

Check! Don´t say, it’s all good. Because it´s not right.

Thank you.



Same here, I would like to have my account unflagged :exclamation:

The date of my Flag refers not to a bug report, nor it can be about some kind of cheat, since I NEVER cheated anything :exclamation:

So I ask you kindly @Sarah247 and @Mohadib to unflag my account :exclamation:

Thanks a lot :exclamation:



The worst thing is that we would not even have known about this if someone had not suggested here that we asked for the status of the account.

We would continue to live in ignorance.

Now I find out that there is a gross error. I wonder how many other things, how many other bugs exist in this “automatic system” that I don´t know.

During all this time I have been putting a lot of money into a system that has errors.

Uncheck the accounts, as a sign of goodwill.


Also flag mine, i want to have a flag, to wave from time to time, like a special falg, could it be green with white?
On topic:
Flagged players:
Betsy: 3 platplats, 3 myth protectors.
Poppers: 2 myth protectors.
Wep : 2 platplats.
Wow: 3 platplats, 2 myth protectors.
Yep, in my book evrybody needs to be flaged like these guys.
El_Metre: ??? About flag… for sure he didnt have mythplates when he left.
So from what i see… that flag you guys talk about… actualy is a good thing.Since you have those items, i couldnt get.
I want lasty’s flag actualy, since he has more then the whole of you toghether.


Above I wrote that the situation with the flag is ambiguous:


Don´t try to defend mistakes. This is serious. I was not here in 2015. How did that date arrive there?


You want a flag too…
You need one too…
@Wepwawet the f… if i know what that date is related to.
But i can tell you for sure it has nothing to do with that “flag” that you see in your acxount details and the fact there are certain filters for items on accounts.


Let’s think well for a moment. Let’s think that filters don´t exist.

But the system has mistakes, and that has been clearly demonstrated here… Maybe the “filter” part of these mistakes.


Well, I adapted to playing without a plate and not thinking too much about bugs, glitches, failures and mistakes. If the goal is to play, not to make a cult place in the table of ranks.

In general, I’m a little jealous of you in the presence of the force to leave the game.
Good envy, good envy.




So,I still don’t understand.
Is this flag some kind of “mark” or “tattoo”?
And…What does it do?
How are flagged accounts different from the ones that aren’t flagged (as in what does it actually do/what does it change)?
And what makes the difference between being flagged or not (as in how you obtain it)?

Please,could you spend another 5 minutes making us understand what this is about?
Thank you for your time and I’m (we are) looking forward to your next reply!


As you can see,I also have a flag.
And I have no myth plates,max protectors etc.
I barely get anything for the money I spend too,almost nothing but epics.
But an interesting this is the “Status:false” thing…

I wrote to support for answers and I hope they’re replying soon,as well as asking Sarah.

Edit:Wth,I am rank 5 at the moment…


So deduct yourself.
The status : true, is for all that have myth plates and protectors.
While flag: date bla bla…
Is mixed some have it and still have plates, some dont have it, and dont have plates, and some have it and dont have plates.
Again, as an opinion the flag is atributed to the reply/report.
But i find it funny that people that have unobtanium items are the ones that ask Sarah to remove their flag.
Betsy, you said you found a way to get mith plates, afte 6 months, by avoiding a bug, and getting 3 of them in 1 day. But you never followed up with an explanation for the comunity to do the same.
Be a good chap, and help the guys out with what you did, so that they can have a chance to it also.



His status is true,my status is false…

Is this why I can’t get a StormWeaver???