Sarah can you explain what flag status means to my account?


@Gaurav with your special level 4 clearance do you think you could read what Liran put on my account. I tell him im sorry i cuss the whole chat room that night. But the pumpkin perk caue the problems…not me


@Sarah247 could we get some kind of word on situation ?


@Sarah247 @Mohadib
Could you explain what this “flag” actually is and what it does,please?


Sorry but these levels are only forum related.


Let me explain the conspiracy.
When a player writes into support from the game this information comes up automatically.
It identifies the player for support ( user ID) and has information to send to the dev team if a bug is reported.
Each field helps the devs figure out who you are and where you might have been in the game when the bug was reported. They just want to know how they can reproduce the problem and fix it and these fields help them do that.
Obviously not every ticket is a bug but we put this information on all tickets.

Now about players being “flagged” for receiving or not receiving certain items. This is not true. We have never blocked any player from receiving a certain type of weapon. If we don’t want you to play in our game we will just ban you. Everyone has the same chances to get items.



Thank you.
This has been useful,however could you explain us what the “flag” actually means and what it does (not what it doesn’t).


very doubtful, considering players with six plates, players without plates and things like statistics and probability theory.
Either the developers again forgot to disable something, or this statement is not true.

UPD Moreover, the problem had been discussed privately with other participants, and the conclusions were clear: multiple drops of the same type without external regulation is highly questionable.

With all due respect to you, Sarah.


But the question was what does the flag on my account do ?

Nothing ?


Same happened to me a few days ago, a message popped up saying that my Facebook already had a active account and gave me a option to delete one account or the other. All this after it started a new noob game.


Naw naw … not the first reply with the 30 line string to gibberish…
I meant the annual reply by some one…
Jess I think?


Hello! In 2015 I diidn’t know this game… And I am not rank 25.


Body seems unclear.Is it a complete sentence?


But this is not the answer to …

Why some accounts are flagged, and some not :question:

There are total different dates on the “Flag:”

What does a “Flag: date” mean / do :question:

Some accounts with “Flag: 0” have best items multiply times - just a fact :exclamation:



It says it right here… So for example, I report a bug, the devs put a flag or ticket on us so they can see what we’ve done to find what and how the bug occurred. They put a flag on us so they can keep track of who reported a bug and who hasn’t. :smile:


Nope, @Sarah247’s answer didn’t say that.
You need to learn reading better and/or to understand things better :exclamation:


Thats why she started with …


That is how I interpretted it… and it seems to fit.

And also she said “flagged” for not receiving items. Please don’t cut off sentences and make them look wrong. Thanks


Your interpretation is wrong :exclamation:

She clearly avoid a direct answer to the question what “Flag: date” mean / do :exclamation:



I’m sorry if my interpretation does not agree with yours. Please don’t attack @Sarah247.

Maybe if you look at it once more (Or maybe I can) but I think the date is for when it happened so that they can look back at it to find what caused it. The Status: True meaning Yes, they reported.


I do not interpret, I see how thing are, facts, that’s why your interpretation cannot be correct, because there are many accounts with “Flag: 0”, even they reported /took a ticket :exclamation:
And I also never attack @Sarah247 :exclamation:

Another bad try from you, to let my words look bad, but guess what, it do not work :exclamation:

I know you have a personal problem with me, but hey, it is your problem, you came here once more, to just talk against … if you are able to read, many others see it the same way as I do …



I came here in a calm manner to try help, I did not mean harm to you.

I understand that, I am just expressing my own thoughts.

I never said you were wrong and that I was right. I just said my perspective on this comment.

I also never said you did. I just said not to. I do not want to fight.

Peace :innocent: