Sarah can you explain what flag status means to my account?


To get away from crazy person name Yeet :slight_smile:


Yep, flagged:

User Since:2017-12-05 06:27:10+
Clan Name:HardToKill
Clan Leader:false
Flag:03-03-2018 at 04:23:15PM

Curiously, the flag date and time is exactly when I spent first money on this game and got plat plate and Maximum Protector. Got nothing much decent since, except a couple more Plats.


Today I´ve purchased boxes again, it gave me only garbage, except for 1 item.

Which is that item? Well… bunker shell! This is proof that this game is marked. These days I mentioned at least 3 post that bunker shell never came to my inventory in 8 months! Well, today I open boxes and it appears.

Is not it too much of a coincidence?

Maybe I should write 100 times “claw”, to see if the legs appear too.

The same I’m not interested anymore. I don´t want to put more money in this crap. Stay with your claw. After all, it doesn´t help me at all. You don´t put your hand in my pocket anymore!


Rather go to a casino with the money. At least you may win something REAL, and probably better chances.

I don’t spend anymore. It’s ABSOLUTELY NOT WORTH IT. Learn your lesson please.

I spend like $20.00 on the portal refills, and will never again do it. I got one legend which was annihilation. From 200+ runs …Pffff!


In casino there are at least controls and inspections. There are no controls here at all.


im sure that game was more lucky whit new player


I think it means how much people flag your posts


no one.
NO Plates.


I think that there are other settings that lead to the gamedroping.
But this clearly there is.


Why are you complaining? You just got a bunker shell!


And why do I want it if I’m not energy? atm I have 3 maxed mechs. I’m not going to build another and less at this time that phys with modules are destroying energies!

What I said was that for 8 months I got hundreds of legendary. And a bunker never came to my inventory! And I said it repeatedly between yesterday and today.

Then … Bingo! after 8 months the bunker appears … it seems strange. When you call it a lot it appears.


Im not even sure what the main point of what you just said is, but ok…


Flaming scope. I want the Flaming Scope. gimme da Flaming Scope. Hopefully I can get the Flaming Scope. Please give me the Flaming Scope. I would be thankful for the Flaming Scope. I hope I get the Flaming Scope at the claw pack sale. Thanks for the Flaming Scope.


I think it results. But you have to name it by the name it has.

The claw … the claw … the claw … the claw … the claw


Flaming Scope
Flaming Scope
Flaming Scope
Flaming Scope

Magma Blast


Where is the claw? They cheated my the claw. The claw didn´t come out on the portal. The Claw is prohibited. Give me The claw!


give all premium items plz thnx


It doesn´t work like this.

Do u want The Claw? Ask for the Claw.


I want The Claw

The Claw

The Claw




Sadly you won’t get it


me: …


But they are using The Claw badly. Beware with The claw!