Sarah can you explain what flag status means to my account?


Thank you.
Will ask myself and hopefully get some answers.
What you said right here was very helpful to me.
Maybe I will find out why I get the items I get…


They replied?
Well that is worth even more than a legendary fortune box



This is called Brute Force attacking.

I don’t mind on showing my user, my password is over 30 characters long and depending on the computer of the attacker it takes over a year to crack a password like that.

Btw, being “hacked” would be a great reason to leave the game…


Barely begins to move the lid of the pot and begin to emerge the first pterodactyls.

How difficult is this to process! So many years helping others not to be scammed and when something happens to me I don´t know what decision to take.

I’m not angry, this I already suspected, everything pointed to marked acc. I’m sad, disappointed. I blame myself because I´m an adult person and I should not have gotten hooked on this.


Lol!! This has no price! In 2015 I didn´t even know that this game existed !! I started playing in 2016 … how can my flag be marked in 2015?

And rank 25. I am rank 1. Maybe that prevents me from obtaining certain ítems.

And I asked them to check my account !!



Simple… it means you’re a time traveller. :slight_smile:


I knew that I am a witch, but not so much.


They gave me the account of another one or what? Something strange happened to me recently. By mistake I marked where says log with facebook and it was opened a noob account that I’ve never seen. An account that I´ve never created with a name that I don´t remember now.


It is auto reply message they send…the robot


Since the reply was answering a question it wasn’t an auto message. I mean not answering but asking questions about the message he sent.


Ok buddy you caught me…thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile:


What stroies ???




Why you tag fluxeon in this ?


Yes that was question…why ?


Tell me, why?


Why what ???


You tell me!


ok i tell you…

why do happypoppers cross the road ?