Sarah appreciation thread

Granted, Sarah gets all the flak for anything that the SM devs do, even though she might not be involved in said actions herself (im one of the people that has done this without realizing it) just because she is the most public character. But she doesn’t actually seem that evil after all this time. I mean, she might even like little puppies and children and not a hater of everything as some people make her out to be.

When something is wrong, we complain and a lot of it gets fixed. This game’s community has a mentality of the devs are always wrong (into which i myself got pulled after coming from a community where Alexander is a god and is always right. Battle Dawn) even when a lot of things have been fixed and improved upon. Very few people notice the good but insta-complain when some little thing looks a bit off

I just want to say, thank you, Sarah. For putting up with our bullshit and still talking to us and working on the game even though everyone was being mean.


@Sarah247 For the win1!!11!!


Give me some of whatever the shit you inhaled/drank/injected/ate. Just to put some perspective into what you actually wrote… My last 4 consecutive support tickets were left totally without any answer whatsoever, even though they related to various problems (stats of weapons, my purchases, official complaints etc.). They simply don’t give sheet at all. I am waiting until 15th November, this will be one whole month since I sent them my last ticket, after which I will inform Tacticsoft that this was the end of my sponsorship for the game. Not a single dollar more… So again, what was this poison you took to see the world thru red rose glasses?


The only way you can get @Alexander to review a support ticket is putting that you are unable to buy tokens, in the subject line, and you get a reply within 30 seconds. I thought that was an overall Tacticsoft thing? Not just Alexander?

(Im kidding. That was a joke going around. Hes actually great)


But it’s not that i smoked or enhaled anything. It’s the music i listen to. I found one of those alpha wave tracks that plays some shit that gives me goosebumps and makes whatever is left of my brain, tingle, and makes me completely woke

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And i would ask that you take your negative ass off my appreciation thread. You can only say nice things about Sarah here.

I mean I’d smash.

Been a while sinde I lowered the tone of a thread like that

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Really? So where is my compensation after i put all my resources into interceptor torso and then they nerf that f##kin thing so hard!

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@Kaen - Much appreciated!
Thanks for the shoutout.
You guys are a tough community but I wouldn’t have it any other way! :slight_smile:


Please do not use profanity. This is a Christian Super Mechs forum. And “interceptor” is a dumb name for a torso. Not sure why you would max something with a name like that. It’s your fault tbh. They throw in a couple items that are just naturally bad, for variety. How did you not see through this “interceptor”?

I would say you got bamboozled, but it doesnt make as much sense when you bamboozle yourself

I have no words to thank Sarah and all those who helped me when I needed it the most.

But if you speak ill of Alexander, you and me break diplomatic relations.


"Post must be at least 20 characters"

I’m not sure about it.
Not saying to freely use profanity, just curious about where did you read this is a christian forum.

I guess it´s a colloquial expression that comes from ancient times and that means something like " here we behave well …"

I am atheist … and yes … still some think that atheists don´t have ethical or moral standards … they almost always exclude us from any positive colloquial expression :smiling_imp:

@Kaen … finaly you got your answer / reaction from @Sarah247 !

Well done, and yes I agree, @Sarah247 has to do a lot, just what the devs didn’t make so nice for us players !

But since we have close to zero contact to the devs directly anymore … I think thats a part of her job.

A golden tip :

A way to make that all a little bit better, would be to annouce the positive things more …

  • Unicorn Event

  • Fortune Box

  • Special Sales

  • etc.

… here in the forum !

P.S.: also it would not hurt to talk about “negative” things about the game ! There is nothing in the world, which is only positiv ! :wink:

More precisely jewish…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Tactisoft country)

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What’s a Sarah? Where can I get one?


Good post. Appreciate all the devs. They’re trying, and this is one of the most ungrateful communities I’ve ever participated in.


@Kaen she replied, this is your chance :wink:

She actually has not replied to me in pm.