Sales that worth investing


Remember on how each sales that we have atleast a small perk along with it ? like instead of 10% we get 15% to 25% chance of myths in boxes as they are boosted, in this version why not have have a perk along with the sale, like guaranteed ATLEAST one L-M item on each boxes instead of the only decreased cost , the idea is simple and its not even really new , feel free to comment your thoughts below


The game don’t worth spending itself.


Cant agree more


Guaranteed l-m < moneygrab


If out of the blue a big sale with 50% off, and high chances of unobtanium items apear… that will meen only one thing… the unofficial official announcement that the life time of a game is near end.


Feel free to openly describe your thoughts honestly here and see how many posts are gonna get magically flagged by the “community”


I’ll do so. Although, I would say be careful not to say anything actually inappropriate, so they won’t have any legit reason to flag.

Gotta say, I have to agree with El_Metre - a sale like that would be a move of real desperation, considering the apparently (cough) greedy updates we’ve always gotten. Naturally, it’d be nice to have, and I wouldn’t complain (except that it was even necessary in the first place, of course)… But I’d really rather not see SM reduced to such dire straits.


The previous version’s sales are really really generous and worth investing as they dont just have their cost decreased but also amazing perks like a slight boost of myth drop rate , or additional chance of not getting duplicated items


Yet again…Sm is trying to trick us by buying these token’s.


I couldn’t agree more…


I control ALL of the unobtainium in this galaxy so this sale will never occur. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This is an excellent idea.


Well it will be better like u r sure to get 1L-M item per 3-5 boxes coz one legendary in each box as u mentioned is a pain for top players


Nope, it will simply be the unofficial announcement that another reload is gonna happen.
Therefore TS will try to make people spend tokens and money before the reload to get items that will be useless after the reload.
So then they’d have taken the money and free tokens everyone had and afterwards people would have to start from 0 again and invest once more.


If you have tokens , save them for discounts on packs.

Ive been getting some l-m items from there .
( 2x murmur / Dustmaker / Sparked Runners / spartan carnage )

Only spend the tokens if theyre B O N U S ofcourse