Sale of 90% off of SM CREDIT


There should be a 90% off sale of SM credit at-least for 24 hours. This can be a 90% once a year. That be a benefit for all. The price of SM credit with tokens will be 100 tokens for 10,000,000 sm credit. It originally cost 1000 tokens for 10,000,000. Vote for this.[poll type=regular]

  • YES, for 90% sale once a year
  • NO, for 90% sale once a year


Way too OP… at least imo


would make people limit their transactions till that time of the year to buy alot


Of course, it’s called saving and being smart. It’s the same as the BF day sale. The only difference is that you are saving tokens to get SM credit. People who know about BF day do the same in limiting transaction, for that day also. So, what’s wrong with that.


BF sale? what is that exactly?


thats either a boyfriend sale or a Battlefield :tm: sale.


I think I don’t need that sale
Maybe I need it other way round


By bf, probably meant Black Friday sale. The last one made gold boxes have 55% chance of legendaries, and 45% for mythicals.


Yep. That was a great one.