SALE 20% off premium boxes

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I bought one and get 5 epic…


Bought 5 premium packs (with Bonus Tokens… very important part…)

6/25 legendaries

Nothing too relevant

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Today buy yesterday’s stale :poop: at tomorrow’s prices

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I bet a lot of people hate you right now. Nobody gets near to these numbers. :smiley:


Open 16 premium box! only one legendare - nothing good

Murmur, greedy.
Because i created this topic they gave me 2 useless legendary from two box openings.
I accumulated 600 tokens from daily milking.

I got 0 legendaries too.

This dude opened 20 premium packs and only got 2 legendaries
You got 6 out of 25 he must be unlucky !??!?

16 premium packs and only one legendary!?

not 16 packs. 16 boxes. 1/16 isnt the best ratio but not the worse.

3/15 on all my prem packs…

seen worst and better ration I think…

My Level is 150, and I’m legitimately lead to believe that purchased boxes’ items are affected by your level. (from experience)

Unless a developer says otherwise, and even then I’d take it with a grain of salt.

Got this from a free mixed box


Friend although I want to believe it because I would like to be given legendary in a free chest will not give you a legendary can only give you common, rare and epic non-legendary articles and a legendary article is obtained in a fortune box and more than to get a fortune box is something difficult and more than getting legendary items could be every 20 chests a legendary is obio that you could aver bought chests or obtained a fortune chest with BB or obtained the coffer frortuna winning to Ry

Okay I figured there was a system of getting better legendaries.



I am level 60 right now but my last Gameplay Recording was 52 and before that was level 40.

hasta que no metan probabilidad, es tirar dinero a la basura