Sacrafice Day, Post your items you sacrificed

I started today in sacrificing 3.5 Million for a Zakaras Fully Myth.

I am sacrificing a lot to Fully Myth other items.

Will post another sacrifice…


What is with that Sikanda?

Style points, clearly. :wink:

I sacrificed my time reading this


Yesterday I sacrificed 500K for a mythical Corrupt Light :D

Back then, I sacrificed a MYTHICAL BRIGHTROAR and a MAXED MYTHICAL ULTRABRIGHT, to max my Zarkares.

The worst decision I made in SM yet, next to fusing an USA Tracks when I literally just got a Diamond Shell.

my sacrifice:b.a.s.t.a.r.d disolver, flaminator,energy mass boster,malice beam and myth zark.

I sacrificed my santa hat to save inventory space

top ten anime deaths:joy::ok_hand:


I sacrificed 14 million Gold yesterday in 3 fully myth, legendarys and 180 mix boxes.

I got rid of an avenger to myth out a Zarkares .

Dumped a flame scope and claw to myth a cooler

2000 tokens for 10 premium boxes

Time … I sacrificed time

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