Running out of items and its role

Ironic title isn’t it?
While some veteran players have a good bit of items to get rid of, myself and I’m sure some others already have a lack of items to fuse. No it’s not a major issue yet and yes like everyone else I have a lack of SM to fuse items with but hypothetically think about it this way:

You are a veteran player who has depended on the surplus of items he or she hoarded before the update came out, after X (however long it takes you to purge the items) amount of time you manage to rid yourself of those items. In this case let’s say you have a decent mech going due to the amount of effort (money included) you put into it. After this point, working on another mech (assuming a veteran player wants/needs more than one good mech) is pretty difficult since you fused all those items away maybe without giving it a second thought. In case you did think twice and saved some items, it is only made harder due to the lack of currency flow and almost non-existent power kits (at least non-crappy power kits) that are very time consuming and inefficient to gather. You have a couple of choices you could make: farm for hour and hours on end for SM, items, and tokens, purchasing tokens, logging on for the daily reward and missions only (saving up), or giving up on SuperMechs.

I’m not going to pretend that that hypothetical situation was 100% accurate, some players may find their experience a whole lot different but wouldn’t you agree that the lack of items that the veteran player encountered played a role in being forced to make a choice on how to continue playing? I personally think that a lack of items is going to hit some more hard-core but not over the top players sooner or later.
Tell me what you think about this dilemma.