Running low on items

Alright so I have a lot of coins and a few items waiting to be transformed to myth. The biggest problem is, I don’t have enough items to fuse. My inventory is 22/225 and most of them are equipped/important items

What should I do to farm for epics and what’s the most effective way to do that?

good first is to cultivate to ramboy the second one is to cultivate to BB in ultra difficult way so that you of legendary you that if you want legendary


My problem is that I have way too many items

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one saturated with articles and another that needs and I am the medium because I am stable @casualdude @Zarkares

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the strange thing is that those who have almost no sun are those who are destined to have everything @Izhar


This is what the popular saying says “some very much and others nothing, and this is not chance”.

“Unos mucho y otros nada, y esto no es casualidad”.


I don’t believe some ppl have over 14 premium items and they spent so much money for it… 4 valiant sniper, 5 energy rocket, wth?

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I can believe Rising, guy is mad.

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I’m not talking about him, I was talking about Daddy TX…

Rising had them from beginning, but these guys r all new

Lol I didn’t realize he was packing all those Bunker Shells, I thought he was all about heat mechs.

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He’s got 5 energy bunker shell and 2 heat bunker shell Like WTF

Ramboy has good droprate of coomons and rares, some can be upgraded to epic. Why do u have trap as profile pic tho

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Ignore that, that fellow has issues.

I hang out with friends, have dates with my gf & help my community
i dont see why u tag me Antonio xD

a good boss to get epics is ciber goat the 3rd boss if im alr8
but if u need charcoal with a low % to get gold ramboy is the best with the lowest fuel consumption

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you already know what I’m talking about … one thing is that you behave like you do not know xD

Bad news: fortune box disappeared, so no legends, -_-
It doesn`t drop from ramboy anymore :frowning:

if it falls legends and ancient methods created to get them the first is ramboy second is big boy in ultra difficult

what kind of nonsense is this xD
they still there
i can tell u because im farming fortune boxes & got 3 today
stop giving TS ideas!

If so lucky that you have tell me if you will not get 10 fortune chests and one of 3 will be legendary if friend keeps it like this … keep it up … :confused: