Running low on items;need more rewards


all levels give 0-1 item boxes. but when u play level and get 0 item boxes,it is really frustrating.atleast 2-3 common items per level , is not too much to ask,.i am running low on items after upgrading my ‘savagery’ to mythical; and this just one mythical ate up too many items(besides several legendaries). just increase the item rewards to 1-2 boxes per level or just 1 box per level rather than zero


Or you could buy tokens(what they want you to do) and become a massive spender


Great idea let me just drop a few hundred on this game :joy::joy:


LMAO TS wants you to spend several THOUSAND if you want quick short term items.
Otherwise you get to wait it out and slooowly get a so called item here or maybe there if you’re lucky.


This guy gets it lol