Runes to increse your mech power


Runes/cores/attachments are some items that can improve your mech status

They will be place on our items
Purple items will have 1 slot for rune
Legendary items will have 2 slots

                         Runes will help us to :           -- ALSO to put runes in items will request money /item level 

ADD heat ADD heat damge
ADD colling ADD energy damage
ADD energy ETC …

Runes can be find in chest or can be purchresed with tokens


So Arena Shop?





This is not god of war 4
Edit : if u want runes don’t forget to add blades of chaos :wink:


runes? lol this aint some medieval magic game


u cant add a rune to a mech lol what are you smoking and can i get some of it


(A) PFFFF spitting water
bad idea
energy mechs will end up doind too much drainind
and we are playing with mechs, not weapons from the medieval age


U just hurt my eyes back there.




mate look in game better u already have swords …


this is really a good argue but not exactly
see each games can have attachments (runes/cores … or how do you wanna tell to them )
to wepons/armours … this not means all of them are magic games …


arena shop is a different thing mate … there you can buy effects that affect your entire mech

runes/cores/attachments are that things that can be add to an item


BAD or NOT …I was giving the ideea

Anyway i think u didn’t catch the ideas & future section

developers can do what they want …

and about what i smoke , i also got something for u :smiley: