Rules For Mafia Vs Town, I ripped it off old forum


Well Since Alex Is Ready To Give Tokens For a RPG game
I will help out a little by giving an introduction for my favourite game

Official Mafia Roles and Rules:

There is three factions, the Townsfolk, the Mafia and the Cult. Every day the players argue over who to lynch, the mafia and cult will try to corrupt the towns peoples decisions by going undercover, usually to save themselves. There are two rounds to this game, the Day and the Night. During the day the townspeople argue on who to lynch, and in the night the mafia can kill someone and the cult can convert someone to there side.

Remember that everyone has a vote when it is time to lynch, and the mafia and cult can easily manipulate you into killing you’re brethren.

Goals/How to win

Mafia: Win by becoming the majority (having more mafia left than townsfolk)

Cult: Win by converting everyone not Mafia

Townsfolk: Win by eliminating all mafia members.


Town Roles:

Citizen - A Citizen has no night powers, they are basicly a cover up to the other town members and sometimes even to the Mafia. They may lynch who they think is Mafia. There are usually 1-3 Citizens depending on the population of the game.

Prostitute - This is the whore of the town, Her/His night power is they may pick one person to have sexual intercourse with, Thus stopping that person that night from using their night power. Also learning that person he/she has sexual intercourse withs role. This is a very important role and I pick one of the actives to do it :smiley: There is 1 Prostitue

Sheriff - The Sheriff is the law, the one everyone looks up to, one that keeps the crime away. The Sheriff is also a very important town role. His night role of course is arresting other players. Once arrested like the Prostitute that player may not use there night role, and the sheriff learns the role of his arrestty. He like anyone else may lynch in the day round. There is 1 Sheriff

Doctor - Again, one of the most important roles, he may lynch like any other, in the night round. He may pick some-one to protect, even himself. He cant protect the sae person over and over again though. The difference, the person he protects. If the person was to die (lynch or Mafia) They learn who the doctor is for they get a glance of him saving him, so it can be good or bad.

Retired Mafia - Te retired Mafia USED to be a Mafia but retired :smiley: He/She has no night powers, but may lynch, He randomly knows a Mafia. (Random, he may learn the reg. or the spy. not the Head-Mafia*. He may use this to his advantage. But on the 3rd Night round, that Mafia he knows will learn hes the Retired Mafia, making him most likely targeted.

Masons - There are usually 2-3 Masons depending on the amount of people playing. They have no night powers but know the other Masons and may communicate at night on who to lynch in the morning.

Daytime Vigilant - He is the only town with the power to kill, BUT! He kills in the DAY!! Before the final lynch, when he kills that usually gets him killed by the Mafia or lynched by the town for killing there own. So he must be carefull on who to kill. There is one Daytime Vigilant

Firefighter - He may protect a building from being burned, if the Mafia Explosion Expert detonates a bomb in a persons home, he is instantly informed, he has the rest of the night to respond and put out the fire. If the Mafia Explosion Master dies, He becomes a regular citizen

Baby Sheep - The Baby Sheep may every night ask one question and God is forced to anwser. He has no other abilitys

Mafia Roles:

Mafia Head Boss - The Mafia Head-boss is the most important Mafia, he is the only Mafia with the Power to kill every night round. He may talk to the other 3 (sometimes 4) Mafia in the night round. He may PM a person he wishes to kill. If he dies he may be replaced via the Mafia Spy.

Mafia Spy - Every night he may PM, asking someones role. and I tell him, than the night AFTER that he may tell the Head-Boss… You cannot spy, tell the head-boss, than have the Head-Bos kill him

Mafia Explosions Expert - Every night he may put a bomb inside a house… There is a 75% chance the bomb will go off, a 25% it will not. If it does, the firefighter is called and if hes on that night round can stop the fire. If the firefighter is killed or the house burns down, the player that owns the hourse cannot lynch or use there night power for 2 nights.

Regular Mafia - The regular cannot do anything but lynch, there is no use than talking to other Mafia deciding who to lynch


Cult Leader: He may convert a person once every night.

Cult Follower:
May lynch and talk to the Cult

As stated above there are two rounds, Day and Night.

Day: During the day, townsfolk vote on who to lynch while the Mafia and Cult try to corrupt there decision.

Night: During the night Mafia can kill, and Cult can convert.

These are rules, But Since the players are a lot less,so all roles will probably not be uses,especiallly cult

Mafia Vs Town Sign Ups

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