Rules and Terms Suggested

Dear @developers these rules are recommended to you. This post is specifically for the developers only, do not hide this post from him so leave your personal matters out of this.
Any comments will be treated as a personal matter of staff members/players and is only aloud to the Owner/Founder.

Original Requirements : A stranger can complete the obstacles displayed here, anyone can do it and it isn’t impossible to do for even a trouble maker.

Staff problem : The staff you have entrusted your forums to are removing/applying to writings/players and any information they may have will count as fraud/belief of accusing/trolling players and ignoring/denying their rights. Demotions & Trust reductions could be the consequences for an offensive complaint with fraud content.

New Requirements : Must provide evidence of every command/change applied to all player/staff writings/accounts. Requirements are decided through tests/exams applied by the owner himself. I will demonstrate to the developers on how the tests are done, I don’t want anyone cheating by knowing the same answers I do answers. At the time I can’t contact the developers through messages. I would personally advise him/her with my own sources when I reveal to him my master’s methods.

Fraud : Any fraud information applied to any player/writing will result ban/warning/demotion.
Any Removal of their writings/players before adding to storage for evidence will also result warning/demotion continued use of these offenses could either result mute/ban.
If the strangers entrusted staff rights were to hide any information from the developers any information will be treated as fraud information and trust is reduced.

Reports : The questions asked to you will not puzzle/strain you. If it isn’t fact, then don’t post it on here.
A format/evidence isn’t required to be innocent.You must display damage/health, item/words the writer/player name.

Beliefs : Do not apply to writings your belief otherwise this will be taken as a personal matter being applied to what isn’t against the rules.
If I’m reported/punished for any reason/warning then apply the fact/evidence and if it is true then that completes the report.

Truth : Revealing is acceptable, but do not reveal your personal anger/sexual feelings towards a player/staff otherwise that will be taken as harassment/trolling which is unacceptable.
Reveal no more than what is happening now/then otherwise it will not be acceptable. Any personal matters are unacceptable.

Reports/Ticket : Reporting a glitch/trespass will require imagery with important evidence such as damage/words, and if you’ve been disconnected then an witness can provide an image which is a 50b reward for accurate evidence, I compensate legitly.

Unacceptable Report/Ticket : Accusing/Fraud information applied will to innocent players will be unacceptable and will be denied and result a mute/warning if continued/repeated.
Reports are taken as accuse/fraud which results dept/time, mute/ban or warnings if continued.

Safing : If your character does not attack while they’re being attacked, then it isn’t safing.
If your character doesn’t take damage while inflicting damage then it counts as safing.

Spamming : If you are repeating the same thing within 30 seconds then it will count as spamming/flood which is unacceptable and results warning/mute for 30 minutes.
Requires 30 seconds of waiting in order for any writings to be treated as spam.

Scamming : If you have the image of the trade/deal then reveal them on your ticket/report.
You’ve accepted their terms, and for taking that risk, it’s your own fault unless you have all the required fact/evidence.

Harassment/Abuse : If you apply to anyone’s writing then it’s considered harassment, anything applied will give you the right to reveal/report what is happening.
This is taken as trespass if reviewed requirements are met.

Offensive/Trolling : Continued talk of fraud/belief content of a writing/player is unacceptable.
This includes swearing and untrue talk.

Sexual/Personal Matters : Sexual/Personal matters are unacceptable and will result warning/consequences if continued.

Advertising : Once on our forums, you must accept our terms by not applying any unrelated links to this forums excluding images from other websites.
If your website is Dreamscape clan related then it’s acceptable, but the forums must have the same terms as on here and must make the staff on here the owner and staff of that website also.
You can still be staff member making changes on that forums, but anything else is unacceptable, permission from staff/owner is required.

Schedule/Permanent for punishment/Consequences : Any applied commands will be revealed to you before it happens, then you know what happened to your account for the reason.
Ignorance is acceptable because the player could be lagging or talking to someone in real life, the account in game will be banned and conversation is continued by messaging the same staff member/owner.

Dept/Cost : Decided/Undecided by the staff members/players.
If you’re in dept, then you must pay/do whatever is listed.

Definition tips
Argument definition : Arguments are statements that either you are or another/me are wrong and both continue on about how right they are in off-topic on-topic offenses.
Beliefs definition : Knowing something unrelated in place of what is happening.
Reveal/Report definition : Showing what is applied/removed to writings/players and the one denying/ignoring their fact/terms.

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what even is this or supposed to accomplish? lmao

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You’re the team maintenance? I’m offended by your offensive language “lmao” is a curse word. But I like you, I’ll let you off with a warning, don’t insult my writings.
It’s currently updating, which I forgot to note.

This is to keep the forums clean of strangers entrusted to staff positions.


Yeah you make a good point sir, idk who @Alexander even is :disappointed_relieved:

l m a o

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The ‘a’ found in “lmao” is a curse word, do you know what that curse word is?
Because you’re a woman, your offensive language is acceptable.

I’m reporting an actual offense, I’ve been accused of breaking an non-existing terms of

The term is that people aren’t aloud in an area to use the flag feature, and this term wasn’t found in the FAQ which makes their information fraud/belief.


I certainly am a hot girl thank you :dancer:

What other language do you consider offensive besides lmao? I’ll refrain from posting such hurtful words in the future :slight_smile:

Also you bring up a good point, why even bother flagging inappropriate posts? It’s the forum mods that we have no connection to that should be on 24/7


I’m also interested in inviting you over to dinner at my place.


Sorry late reply, was editing vehicle.


Sure what time :clock:


Do you really want me to state the full list of offensive words? It isn’t good to swear.
And using the flag feature isn’t forbidden and should not result any issues unless those terms were stated by the developers/owner.


Yeah I do, but you don’t if you realllly don’t want to

It’s just I’d like a better understanding of what I can’t say :frowning:

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Why is it okay to swear simply because I am female?

And why is your first instinct to ask a complete stranger out on a date simply because they say they are female? Why treat us differently?

This is what is wrong with the patriarchy


:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: ???


I meant to edit that as unacceptable, it’s acceptable on my forums.


It’s acceptable on my forums, very sorry for you to read that.


It’s my own personal matter on who I choose as an acceptable person to use these words.




Would you consider it your right to be oppressive towards females as well?


No no that won’t be necessary, it’s actually acceptable for a woman to use the words they like sometimes.
And sometimes means something as if they’re there or not to you.