RPG/RTS MAKERS/ARCADES : Submit all your rpg shortcuts content here

If you own an rpg off or on tacticsoft then list them here.
RPG (role play games) are enhosted by a host that determines all drops/rares and quests/cities and monsters/bosses, traps/dungeons, etcetera.

RTS (real time strategy) are games with existing timelines and certain technology trees aproved/contributed for starters depending on house/faction.

How to make one of these is simple, you make a shortcut section, you make some sections, you make props on the sections with special terms/rules, you add what you want and it’s all up to you or your staff.
Reccomended sections.
Name : General
Name : Updates
Name : Chamber, city, quests, shops, guides, outposts/cities, global/daily boss/maps, etc.
Name : Charts/Statitics for full players and their achievements, quests, locations, registry, etc.

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Dr.Kran’s games

Tankwars Battlefront RPG
Description : A game for nations/conquerers, magic/attack, bosses/monsters, outposts/cities that you can start up with your own terms/rules everyone has to follow like on Ice Mountains and my pvp Deathforge Fortress both you are free to play on.
Here’s all the shortcut shortcut links.