Romania? Piece of cake

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Well, this is horrible, but it is just a piece of cake if you look what happens in Poland now, broh. Two years ago our right wing “PiS” party (PiS stands for Law and Justice - what sick name, they act contrary!!!) won the elections, soon after their partymate became president… They have the majority in our House of Representatives (called Sejm), so they started changing the laws to secure their neverending ruling spree.

  1. They made sure the President is loyal - Andrzej Duda is a PiS puppet now, does whatever Kaczynski (PiS president) tells him.
  2. They modified the Judicial Act - all judges in Poland are selected by House of Representatives, but in fact by PiS
  3. They modified the Supreme Court Act - same thing
  4. They modified the Constitutional Tribunal Act - all Tribunal judges are elected by PiS and summoned by President
  5. Now they completed the modification of the Voting Act: they created a new body to count votes/validate the elections… yes, the body is selected by PiS
    Ach, yes, some minor acts as well, they drafted the Act to restrict the right for public gatherings, so whoever tries to protest in the streets in Poland, gets arrested… Now, this is Polish Democracy, @El_Metre. When is the next flight to Romania?

Pretty sure, we are just a little behind this Stalinist Democracy.
Your country just had a head start, but pretty sure the politicians of my country will soon catch up, and even surpass your Polish “Democracy”.
We will soon find that old saying of Comrade Stalin, stamped on our forehead in no time.

Demokracja? Wcześniej też kradli.